Denise Richards To Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen’s Rescue?

Denise Richards To Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen's Rescue?

What can I say? Denise Richards gets VIP for the Best Person Ever award in my book hands down (yes, that’s a made-up award by yours truly). Talk about a pretty amazing mother and ex-wife, especially one who has had her named dragged through the dirt countless times by ex-hubby Charlie Sheen.

TMZ reported that Denise called Charlie after reports surfaced that Brooke was back in rehab for allegedly buying crack cocaine from a drug dealer on Friday. Not only is Denise trying to keep the peace and do the right thing, but this is clearly a woman looking after the well-being of two twin little boys, who also happen to be Denise’s daughters half-brothers. Denise has kindly offered to take care of the twins, Bob and Max, until Brooke gets clean and Charlie is finished his (lame) tour.

Hmm, that’s a tough one Charlie – a nice stable home with clearly a caring mother figure in which is obviously needed – or go on the road with good ol’ pop? Must we debate this??   Earlier this month Charlie had an audience chant, “F*ck that b**tch” regarding Denise. Can you imagine having him as a father, let alone an ex husband? No thank you!

Denise’s selfless motivations are heartwarming, I hope that Charlie can see past his big fat ego and realize that too.

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