Drew Ryniewicz & Astro Being Vote Out On The X Factor USA 120111 (Video)

Drew Ryniewicz 'Listen To Your Heart' Bottom Two – The X Factor USA Performance Video 12/01/11

In a shocking elimination Astro went home first.  Not shocking to Celeb Dirty Laundry viewers who predicted he would be going.  Drew Ryniewicz landed in the bottom two with Marcus Canty.   Last  night was Michael Jackson themed episode.   The remaining top 7 covered tunes from the Michael Jackson’s songbook.  If you missed the episode you can read our official recap here.

Last night Drew Ryniewicz sang Billy Jean from Jackson’s sixth studio album, Thriller.  Here is what the judges had to say about her performance last night – L.A. said: You made the song your own and it pains me to say that I liked it. Nicole said: I like you, the whole chair thing I didn’t understand, you showed range and passion but I wanted you to get up from the chair. Paula said: This was your best vocal performance, however, nothing visual, paying homage to Michael, there should have been more. Simon said: Paula let me remind you, because of too much dancing, your acts are out of the building. The whole point of tonight was to show that she is a great artist and she sang the song beautifully.

This is the point where Drew & Marcus had to sing a save me song.  They have to convince the judges not to send them home.  Drew Ryniewicz’s bottom two song was ‘Listen to your heart’ and Marcus Canty’s bottom two song was ‘First to Say Goodbye’.  Here is how the votes went.  L.A. Reid is sending Drew home. Simon Cowell is sending Marcus home. Nicole Scherzinger is sending Drew home. Paula Abdul is sending Drew home.

DREW IS ELIMINATED!!  Do you think she deserved to leave?  What do you think about Astro voted out?  Sound out in the comments below!


  • Bclightning676

    What a Croc!! Of you know what!! Drew voted off?? I’m done.! Won’t be watching anymore X Factor!! La Reid, Paula and Nicole obviously don’t know who has talent! Hope they lose a bundle trying to pkg Marcus!! You watch Simon will make a star out of Drew!! I can’t wait to buy her CD and see her live in Concert!! Go Girl!!!

  • AlexB

    WTFFFFF!?!?!?!?!? I’m never watching this show again. Drew earned this. They should have sent stupid Marcus home…. He’s been at the bottom like 3 times and no one even likes him. This is not fair. She deserved to win this. It’s all Simon’s fault.

  • Anonymous

    No Drew shouldn’t have went home! I don’t have anything against Marcus but Drew is a way better singer. I’m so mad at Nicole and Paula for messing this up. Especially Paula. They were both saying that they felt more heart in Marcus’s song but that’s bull****! I wanted him to stop singing if anything because it was terrible. Drew surprisingly held it together and sung it beautifully. I really think Nicole and Paula did that to piss Simon off because I can’t think of any other reason.

  • Jlcilinceon

    Numbers dont lie…Drew has 29,000 followers on facebook and 89,000 followers on twitter!!! Marcus Canty has 4,000….But they kept him!!! WTF