Entourage Season 8 Episode 8 ‘The End’ Finale Recap 09/11/11

Entourage Season 8 Episode 8 ‘The End’ Finale Recap 09/11/11

It is all over for Entourage!  We bid adieu to the guys Vince, Eric, Turtle, Drama, and Ari for one last time tonight.  At least one last time on television it may not be the end of the series.  “Entourage” may be heading for the big screen.  Adrien Grenier recently said he would do a movie and a sequel! So you never know!

On last week’s episode the bombshell of the show was Sloan’s parting shot!  Eric follows Sloan home, and finally confesses that he wants to get back together.   Sloan tells him it will never happen, not because she doesn’t like him, but because her family hates him and her family is important to her.  She then lets drop the bombshell she is pregnant!!!  If you missed last week’s episode catch our RECAP HERE!

Tonight’s show opens with Vince, Billy, Turtle and Drama, Vince tells him he has been on the best date of his life and he has something BIG to tell them.  He tells them he is getting married.  They are like what, he tells them he is in love.    He tells them he is going to Paris that night and he wants them all with him.  They asks him if he is on drugs and he says no.  They all say they are in, so they are going to his wedding.   He asks if they can top that and  say yes Sloan is pregnant.

Over at Ari’s some football people are coming in to inspire/motivate his team.   Mrs. Ari walks in and Ari asks why she is there, she tells him she needs to talk to him.  She wants to tell the kids what is going on.  She wants to know if he wants to do it together.  He says yes, she asks him to go to the therapist to find out how to do it.  They agree to go at 1PM.

Vince is asking Eric if he is going to give up on Sloan.  Eric says there is nothing he cannot do until the baby is born and meanwhile he is going to New York so he can be next to the baby.    Vince asks Eric to come to Paris with him that night to be his best man in his wedding.   Eric tells him he does not have time.  Vince says how about he talks to Sloan.  Eric asks him not too.  Vince asks him to come to Paris for a few days he cannot do it without him.

Over at Sloans Turtle and Drama show  up and Sloan says she should have figured.  The guys tells Sloan Vince is getting married and he wants her to come.  Sloan does not believe them.  The guys tell her really and it is important for her to come.   She asks why and they tell her because she is carrying their baby.    She asks them where the wedding is?  They tell her Paris and she thinks they are trying to get her and Eric on the plane.  The guys swear on their life Vince is getting married.  She says she has to ask them something she asks them to swear on their career Eric did not sleep with Melinda.  They both swear Eric did not.  She asks what time the plane leaves.  They leave and Turtle says you swore on your career?  Drama responds I had ‘my balls crossed” LOL

Ari and Mrs. Ari are at the therapist and they are role playing how they are going to tell the children they are getting a divorce.  Mrs. Ari tells Ari she broke up with Bobby Flay and then Ari tells her he broke up with Dana Gordon.  They agree they both still love each other.  The therapist says maybe they should try to get back together.  Mrs.  Ari says she does not want to have an absent husband anymore.

Vinnie is talking to his Mom and tells him he is moving back to NYC.  Vinnie is in the jeweler and he is looking at rings.  He is getting her a ring and getting advice.  Terrance (Sloan’s Dad) phones Vince and tells Vince he has nothing to say about Eric.  He tells Vince Eric  had sex with his ex-wife, Vince denies it.  Terrance tells Vince he does not want Eric near his daughter.  Vince lets the cat out of the bag and lets Terrance know there is a baby.   Terrance freaks!  Vince buys a huge emerald for Sophia 1.4 million.

Ari calls his daughter and asks her if he is a good Dad.  She tells him she was mad last night when she said what she said.  Apparently she is pissed because she gave him a CD of a friend and he did not listen to it yet.

Eric is with Turtle and Drama and he is telling them that Sloan texted her and she does not want him or his friends near her.   The guys tell Eric that Sloan still wants him because she care whether he slept with Melinda.  Vince comes in and the guys tell him they invited Sloan to the wedding.   However, Sloan is now text messaging Eric with nasty message.  Eric’s phone rings and it is Terrance and he tells Eric he is coming to shoot him.  The guys say they will talk to Sloan and Eric tells them to all let it go they have a wedding to celebrate.

Ari and his assistant are searching for the CD that his daughter wants him to listen to and his assistant says that it might be on Lloyd’s desk.  He finds Lloyd has it and he plays it for him.    Babs is blabbing to him about lawyers, etc, etc.  and he keeps screaming for Lloyd to turn the music up and Babs tells him it is a business.    Ari tells her to take it all, take the business, take the shares, take everything the only thing he wants is the picture of his family and his lucky horseshoe.  He walks out of the office.

Vince shows up at Sloan’s house and apologizes.   Vince says I thought she was coming to his wedding, she says she thought about it for one minute and then changed her mind.    She asks if it is true he is actually getting married and he says come out and meet her.  He tells her he has been searching for what Eric and Sloan have.  He tells Sloan, Eric has always loved her and Eric is her family now and her Dad is going to have to get over it.

Ari shows up and his wife says I thought you were coming at 8 and he says yes I asked the children to go so I could talk to you.  He asks her to go to Florence for one year with him then he tells her he quit his job.   People (opera people on CD) show up  playing music and he tells her he wants to quit, he wants to be with  her, she is the love of his life, he would not know what to do without her.

oops Lloyd shows up and says ‘you quit and did not tell me’  Ari says ‘you will always be the gay son, I never wanted’  Lloyd tells Ari he needs him, Ari says he will shine and gives him his first clients the opera singer.   Tells Lloyd he needs to help Babs.  Lloyd tells Ari Vince has been calling him and he is getting married and Eric is pregnant.

Over at the airport Scott is there to see them off.   Turtle tells them he is a millionaire now.  Eric says he guesses someone told Scott he was moving to NYC.  Vince tells them he is anxious to get his life started.  Ari shows up with Mrs. Ari. and tells Vince they are back together but Vince needs to find a new agent because he quit.   Scott says it looks like a family thing so he is not coming to Paris.

Vince tells Eric he got him his own plane for him and points to a plane that Sloan is standing in front of the plane.  Vince tells him the plane will take them anywhere in the world.  Sloan screams “are you coming.”  Drama tells him remember the words ‘from behind u don’t look pregnant’

Eric asks what about the wedding and Vince says I will find you.  Eric thanks Vince, Sloan and Eric kiss.  Sophia tells Vince he is amazing and Vince says ‘you ain’t seen nothing yet.’  Turtle says he is a little emotional and Drama says me too we better find something to F**K in Paris.  The plane takes off and it is all over or so I thought :-)

Over to Ari and his wife relaxing on the terrace of a beautiful terrace overlooking a beautiful ocean.   Mrs. Ari goes to get him a drink the phone rings and it is John Ellis and he tells Ari he wants him to come back.  Ari tells him he just got to Italy and John tells Ari to come back to replace him as chairman and CEO of the Company.  He tells Ari he will find out what Heaven is like because you will be God.   He tells Ari to rest and he will call him back in one week.  Mrs Ari comes back in the room and asks who called and Ari tell her no one.  Ari was clearly tempted and of course you can see how they can make a movie….

What do you think?  Was it all you hoped?  I will miss the guys!  Sound out in the comments below!