Entourage Season 8 Episode 7 ‘Second to Last’ Recap 09/04/11

Entourage Season 8 Episode 7 ‘Second to Last’ Recap 09/04/11

Entourage is back tonight with the seventh episode called ‘Second to Last’.  The show is winding down and there is only one left before it is all over.  The show is Getting better week after week. Kevin Connolly directs this episode.   Last week’s show was another stellar episode they finally revealed Mrs. Ari’s name!  Johnny Bananas is back up and running, and Eric tells the guys that Johnny Galecki is sleeping with Sloan.  If you missed the episode catch our RECAP HERE!

Tonight’s show begins with Vince chatting up former lovers and videotaping them for Sophia who if you remember wrote about unflattering words about Vince.  Does Vince really love her or is it just because he cannot have her.

Turtle just can’t get a break with his new restaurant. His crew has bigger eyes than the budget and no one else is willing to help out.  The Deluca’s want a ridiculous priced restaurant and they are not willling to compromise.  It is twice what he has budgeted  for.  The Deluca’s tell Turtle will not be putting any money into it but they want 50% of the profit.  The restaurant owner wants $100,000 as a down payment and tell them Wolfgang Puck is look at the restaurant too.  The Deluca’s tell him they want that restaurant or there is no place.  He needs to call a few investors for more money if he wants to make the new partner happy.  Turtle’s investors are not happy and don’t want to give more money to him.  They are suspicious.

Drama goes over to visit Sophia and brings her the tape that Vinnie has made.   He tells her Vince likes her and he cannot understand why she does not like Vince.  She says she does like him but she does not date clients.  He tells her Vince is the best brother in the world and gives her the tape.

It is down to the wire  for Vince’s and Drama’s miner movie. Everyone loves the script Vince wrote (even Ari cries), but Drama is the deal breaker and Phil is mad at him because of Johnny Bananas. (Remember Drama walked out with Andrew Dice-Clay for more money)  Dana reads the script and tells Ari that it is very emotional and that if he sends it over to her she will send it to Hallmark.    Ari is really emotional about Vince’s movie and he is going to try and convince Phil Yagoda to give the TV movie the green light.

He has a meeting with his staff and tells them that Vince wants the movie for his brother and he is standing by Vince.  He tells his staff to find options for the movie and put them on the table by the end of the day.  Dana calls and says the script is an easy sell but Drama is not.

Sean tells Eric that Johnny Galecki just booked a big movie and Eric tells him he does not care he wants to dump him.  He asks Sean if he thinks it is right Johnny is sleeping with Sloan.  Sean asks Eric if it is fair that he is sleeping with Sloan’s ex step-mother.  Eric tells him fire Johnny or he is not coming back.

Eric is back in bed with Sloan’s step-mother and he is complaining about Sloan.  Enough already, ughh Eric is so whiny…   The phone rings and it is Turtle he has spotted Sloan and Johnny Galekci at the farmer’s market having lunch.  He gets out of bed puts his pants on and tells Melinda he is going to kill someone and leaves.

Vince is telling Ari how much he has fallen for Sophia.  Ari tell him if he really feels that way fight for it.  They are at Phil’s and they walk into his office when he is getting a massage.  Phil tells him he loves the script but they want a bigger name.  Ari tells him it is a TV movie and Drama will be great.   Vince tells him he is holding a judge against  Drama.  Phil admits he is upset because he was the only person who stood by Drama but then Drama walked out on him and he does not want to work with Drama again.  Phil tells Vince and Ari he is not sure he can get over it.  Vince says if he goes for the movie he will give Phil $100,000 for his favorite charity.  The guys walk out and tell Drama they are making a movie.

Eric and Melinda show up at the restaurant where Sloan and Johnny Galecki are having lunch.  Sloan is pissed to hell, she cannot believe Eric has shown up.  She stomps out as Eric is telling her off for sleeping with his clients, she says she cannot believe he is sleeping with her step-mother.   Eric’s parting shot, he never knew she was a slut.

Ari and Dana are in bed and Ari’s wife calls he does not want to get the phone.  Dana asks Ari if she is wasting her time, she does not have time to waste.  He tells her he does not know where this is going, he gets great feeling when he is around her, but he still loves his wife.  Dana tells him to go back to her and Ari tells her his wife does not want him anymore.  Dana disagrees and tells Ari his wife does want him, Ari just has to figure out what is missing.

Turtle just finds out that the Tequila company that he was part of went public and Mark Cuban made a bundle of money.  The phone rings and it is Sophia and Turtle is telling him that Vince is the best man he has ever known.  He tells Sophia that Vince takescare of everyone.   Sophia agrees to meet Vince.

The guys Vince & Drama walk in and tell Turtle that they are doing the movie.  Turtle tells Vince he has good and bad news.  The first news GOOD is Sophia has called and she has agreed to have a drink with him.   Vince asks what is wrong and Vince offers to put money into his restaurant.  Turtle tells him something happened today and the shares that he convinced Vince to sell went public and they would have made millions.  Vince tells him he did not listen to him, he did not sell and he actually bought Turtle’s shares and they made millions.

Vince tells them all he has a feeling a lot of good things are coming to all of them.

Over with Eric and Sloan, he is stalking her now LOL and he apologizes to Sloan, she tells him he is mean.  He tells her he wants to get back with her.  She tells him it is impossible, her family hate him and she loves them.  He apologizes fro everything he has ever done to her.  She tells him he has done more that he thinks and she tells him she is pregnant and she is going to New York City and she wants nothing from him ever….

Shows over with Eric’s mouth hanging open!

How did you like the show?  Sound out in the comments below!  Is Eric annoying the hell out of you to?

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