Exclusive: Kris Herzog Knew Natalie Wood & Was With Her Shortly Before Her Death

CDL Exclusive: Celebrity Bodyguard Kris Herzog's Personal Take On Natalie Wood

Famous Hollywood celebrity bodyguard Kris Herzog grew up with his Grandmother in Avalon on Catalina Island.   Kris’s Grandmother was friends with many celebrity summer visitors to her home on Catalina Island.  The celebrity summer visitors would sometimes rent one of the 5 houses she owned on Catalina Island.

They included: Marilyn Monroe for 1 year during WWll; John Wayne for over 20 years, he would stay on his Boat, but always had a few dinner and fishing trips with Mrs Herzog, as they were friends for over 20 years and of course Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner.

In the last 48 hours of Natalie Wood life she visited Fred & Sallys Market (Now Vons) in Avalon on Catalina Island and shopped with Kris’ Grandmother.  Kris and his friends carried Natalie’s shopping bags from the market, down the green pier and onto the dingy from her Boat.

When Natalie  had dinner, Mrs Herzog was at the same restaurant but at a different table,  they spent about 20 minutes talking.  This was the last time Mrs Herzog saw Natalie alive.  Mrs Herzog always took Kris out to dinner with her famous celebrity friends, and Kris was there with his friends at the restaurant the last night Mrs. Herzog saw Natalie Wood.

Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood were arguing and Robert was acting like he was pissed off at Christopher Walken.  Natalie told my Grandmother she was unhappy & may get a divorce.

Mrs Herzog wrote to Kris’ father, founder and original Owner of The Bodyguard Group, that Kris & his friends were “acting up” and they embarrassed her at the restaurant where Natalie Wood, Robert Wagner and Christopher Walken were.  The date on the letter and envelope is less than 48 hours before Natalie Wood died.

This letter is being published in full in Kris Herzog’s book: My True Hollywood Story, by Kris Herzog, which will be released on Amazon.com soon.

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