Francis Ford Coppola’s New Trailer for ‘Twixt’

Francis Ford Coppola, one of Hollywood’s most iconic and influential filmmakers, returns to the realms of horror with his new gothic thriller Twixt. Elle Fanning (yep, Dakota’s sis) and Val Kilmer star in the movie, which focuses on the story of a washed up writer who attempts to solve a little girl’s murder.

Not only does this movie have a fantastic director behind the wheel, it also has a new and fresh concept that may entice movie goers. The film will be presented in theaters with a live score and live edits that will be decided by the viewers. The director envisions a 30 city tour where the film has the potential to turn out differently every time! How badass does that sound?

Coppola describes the film as a “Halloween sort of story” and hopes the concept might serve as inspiration for future film endeavors that could benefit from a more interactive approach. I’m totally there! What about you? Check out the trailer above (if you like creepy-creepiness) and let us know your thoughts below!

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