Fresh Hollywood Breakups, Simply Put

Fresh Hollywood Breakups, Simply Put

Cupid must have forgotten to bless Hollywood this Valentine’s day based on the rash of fresh breakups that we are seeing.   The breakup rate amongst celebrity couples seems to be hitting the red line.   Continue reading below as we state our case with some hot and surprising examples:

1. Ashley Green (Twilight star) + Joe Jonas (Jonas Bro) = incompatible

Ashley Green “allegedly” already has herself a new man . . . Kings of Leon Bassist Jared Followill. Didn’t take ya’ long, Ashley.   Some of us might think you never really loved Joe at all.

2. Renee Zellweger (AKA Bridget Jones) + Bradley Copper (Hangover Guy) = fizzled, after nearly two years of being together

3. Justin Timberlake + Jessica Biel = “mutual” decision to call it quits, after nearly two years of together-ness.

Another 2 year relationship . . . hmm. Ashley Simpson and Pete Wentz, divorced after 2 years; Ashley Olsen and Justin Bartha, done after–you guessed it!–2 years. Four 2-year breakups over a period of a few months. I think all of us here at Dirty Laundry have finally discovered the formula for Hollywood love–a true phenomenon.

4.      X (actress) + Y (actor) + 2 years (of denying the fact you’re together while you secretly make babies and adopt puppies together) = SPLIT!