Globe: Kate Middleton’s Miscarriage Tragedy – Photo

Globe: Kate Middleton Middleton's Miscarriage Tragedy - Photo

In the August 22nd, 2011 issue of Globe Magazine, their cover story is about the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and her husband Prince William.  Blazoned across the cover “3 Months After The Wedding – Kate’s Miscarriage Tragedy.”  The magazine says they have a word exclusive and details of how William rushed to Kate’s side.

Globe claims: Devastating heartbreak has hit the royal family as new bride Kate suffered a shattering miscarriage. Find out how it happened and where husband Prince William was when the tragedy struck – and his reaction — in the current GLOBE.

So did Kate have a miscarriage?  Well that is what the magazine wants us to believe.   There has been a lot of speculation that Kate might be pregnant or trying to get pregnant.  So with news slow the magazine decided that because Kate is thin she must have had a miscarriage.  Of course the story has no confirmation and there has been no news of this released.  It is just more tasteless speculation by the magazine.  What do you think about the cover story?   Is it in bad taste?

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    Bad taste….