Hope Solo Dancing With The Stars Rumba Performance Video 10/24/11

Hope Solo Dancing With The Stars Rumba Performance Video 10/24/11

Tonight on Dancing With The Stars the remaining 7 contestants had to dance to showtunes from a Broadway show.   Hope Solo and Professional Dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy dancing the Rumba.  If you missed tonight’s show you can read our official recap here!

Tonight the judges were did not give Hope favorable comments and Max was not happy and he made it clear to the judges and Len in particular.  Max was so forthright that Carrie Ann scolded him.  When they were waiting for their scores Max basically told Brooke that he was not happy about the scoring.  I have to agree week after week I watch the scores the judges give to some of the contestants and I am amazed.  Good on ya Max for telling it like it is!

Judges comments – Carrie Ann said: I see all the effort you are putting in it. But sometimes you force the move and it comes out forced. It was starting to blossom and then it did not. I saw improvement. Len said: I have never lost faith in you, I always feel there is so much there and for some reason it has not come out. The boots you had on did not help. This was your worse dance of the whole season in my opinion and I am really disappointed. Bruno said: Listen Hope,  look at me, the performance was to a very difficult song because you have to portray so many different emotions. It worked at times but there is a technique, the rumba never stops moving and you stopped a lot. It is not because of lack of effort but it did not gel as well as it could have.

Scores: Carrie Ann –7, Len -6, Bruno – 7 TOTAL = 20

Watch the video below and let us know what you think?  Do you think he will be eliminated tonight?  Sound out in the comments below!

  • Leesplash

    I have to agree with max. Nancy Grace’s was given a nine by Carrie Ann tonight yet u felt it didn’t warrant a 9. However, I do agree tonights dance was not her best. She has difficulty with “sexy” and needs more flow through her arms and hands.

  • Robert Dowling

    My wife has stopped watching this show because it’s really not about the dancing as much as who has the biggest fan base before the show even starts. 

    Plus the judges are just plain mean at times. I’d love to see any of them compete with any of the stars in their areas of expertise and be judged. It might bring a little compassion into their judging. Frankly they seem to be the hardest on bright, attractive, men and women. If you’re old, fat, or have a recognizable family name you get a pass. I was glad that Max called them out tonight. He was right. Hopes performance was much better than she was given credit for. Looking at her score as compared with others who got those scores she was much betterThe judges need to lighten up and judge the stars as a amateurs not pros.Thanks Max.I’m about to give up on this show. So you think you can dance is a much better show.