Jennifer Aniston Topless For Smartwater – Photo

Jennifer Aniston Topless For Smartwater - Photo

Jennifer Aniston, 42, poses topless for Smartwater in their new ad.   The ad is promote Smartwater which according to the advertising for the drink it is “inspired but the way nature makes water.” So I guess the reason Jennifer Aniston is topless in the ad is because that is the way nature made her.  Wrong! The picture of Jennifer has been photoshopped to death.  I don’t think nature made her that way LOL

Jennifer is getting more desperate to get noticed.  She has never recovered from being dumped by Brad Pitt.  Along with this ad she has a movie Horrible Bosses coming out where she is rumored to flash her breasts in the raunchy comedy.   The film opens July 8th, 2011 and you will also get to see Jennifer with a banana in her mouth – oh my!

Meanwhile rumor has it Jennifer and her BFF Courteney Cox are not longer friends.  Apparently there is a lot of tension between the two because Jennifer is not happy with the way Courteney is behaving since her split with her husband David Arquette and the men she is hanging with.   It all  brings back bad memories of when she and Brad Pitt split and she thinks Courteney should just file divorce papers before she starts to move on.

According to PopEater Jennifer Aniston’s rep said the story is completely false and a total fabrication!

See the video of the Smartwater ad and the trailer for the new movie below!

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