Jennifer Lopez: ‘I Didn’t Cry Over Marc Anthony’

Jennifer Lopez: 'I Didn't Cry Over Marc Anthony'

On Saturday, Jennifer Lopez cried during a recent performance of her song, Until It Beats No More. She told the crowd that she “took a trip down memory lane.” Afterward, it was revealed that the reason behind her tears was her painful divorce from Marc Anthony.

As she sang, photos were displayed of the singer and her children with Marc, twins Max and Emme. But now, she’s revealing that the tears weren’t because of Marc.

TMZ reports:

But sources tell TMZ, Jennifer is claiming it wasn’t her exes who brought her to tears … it was a picture of the singer and her babies that was displayed on the jumbo-tron during her performance.

According to sources, the photo — shot for a Gucci ad last fall — has some serious sentimental value to J.Lo … and when she saw the image during an already emotional performance … it pushed her over the edge.

Or was she really breaking down in tears because she just came to the realization that she has no actual singing talent? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think!

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