Justin Beiber Acts Like Spoiled Brat On TV Over Hair Being Touched

Justin Beiber Acts Like Spoiled Brat On TV Over Hair Being Touched

It’s not the first time that Justin Beiber has been accused of acting like a spoiled brat but this time his behaviour was caught on TV.
What triggered his bitchy meltdown was that someone for too close to his precious hair.  But this time, Justin Bieber had a diva moment live on TV – and all because someone got too close to his hair.  Justin was appearing on the daytime talk show – ‘The Talk’ last week when the incident occurred.  Justin joined the show’s regular hosts Holly Robinson Peete, Sharon Osbourne, Julie Chen and Leah Remini on the sofa for a chat and appeared to be having a good time.

But when Robinson Peete tried to put a baseball cap on his head, which was branded with the ‘The Talk’ logo, he shouted: ‘No, no, no. Don’t touch my hair!’  Justin put his hand up to stop Robinson Peete putting on the cap but she persisted after he said he would rather have three eyes than wear it.  He desperately tried to re-do his hair once she had given up trying to put on the cap.

Later on, Justin caused chaos by driving a buggy around the set with one source saying: ‘He was out of control.’  This latest obnoxious display is not by any means the first for Justin – and it won’t be the last.
Last May, he flew into a swear-word tirade on the Australian morning chat show ‘Sunrise’ and told a member of the production team ‘don’t ever f****** touch me again’ when he was told where to perform.
And at last week’s Brit Awards, where he received the award for Best International Breakthrough Act, he reportedly demanded the best table at the ceremony, access to all areas and a private audience with Rihanna.
We will see what little Justin has in store for us – he isn’t exactly having a normal youth and being the most popular teen in the world can play havoc with one’s manners.

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  • emilyyyy

    He is 16… what 16 year old doesnt act like a brat sometimes? we all mess up. :/

    • bob

      Dont defend the little bastard

  • Liam!

    Wheres a link to this video, I’m dying to see it!

    • Will post when I get my hands on it :-)

      • rose ivy

        All teenagers act like a brat sometimes !!!!!
        give the poor kid a brake !!!!!!! <3 yooh JB *buy the way i am only 11 so this might be missspellings*

  • rose ivy

    o come on all teenagers mess up !!!!!! I beet u have too !!!!! Just give him a brake !!!!!! BTW LOVE U JUSTIN BEIBER <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • rose ivy

    LOVE U JUSTIN BEIBER !!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 yooh *********

  • megankalu

    Well, this is so out of character for him to do and say these things. He appeared on our small daily show in Scarbourough ontario 3 weeks ago and he was nothing but a gentleman, never demanded anything from anyone. In fact even allowed Regina (our makeup girl) to mess up his hair in a fun and joking manner and he was as cute as a button when he put his own hair as a spike with some gel she had on hand. So it’s obvious he must have had a bad day.

  • Casey

    he is a spoiled brat,thats one more reason i HATE HIM