Kate Gosselin Flirts With George Lopez And Then Takes Shots At Jon

Kate Gosselin Flirts With George Lopez And Then Takes Shots At Jon

Kate Gosselin and George Lopez had great chemistry flirting on Lopez Tonight Monday.  Lopez, at the beginning of the segment with Kate, invited the mother-of-eight to slap him in the face for all of the jokes he’s aimed at her in his monologues, but she gave him a peck on the cheek instead.

Of the late night host’s “Keep Kate Alive” campaign he drummed up during her comical stint on Dancing With The Stars, Kate said: “You know, thank you, because at the time I was like, ‘Is he doing it sarcastically or for real?’

Despite a few embarrassing moments and the agony of defeat, Kate said she ultimately benefited from appearing on the ABC dance hit.

“I learned a lot about myself,” she said, noting that her stint on the show sparked a passion within her for running.  She said she can now run eight miles on a good day, and is hoping to run a marathon in the near future.  “It feels very symbolic of my life,” Gosselin said. “No looking back, you gotta just keep going.”

Then came the topic of Kate’s love life, and her ex, Jon was directly in the host’s comedy crosshairs.  Asked about what’s new there, Kate said, “I’ve been on a few little dates here and there but I have eight kids already… I don’t need nine.”

“But Jon, your ex, was like a child, he was very childish,” Lopez joked.  “You said it!” Kate replied.
I still don’t know why anyone is still interested in Kate Gosselin.  In fact, I don’t know whey they ever were.