Kate Gosselin Has A Crotch Tattoo

Kate Gosselin Has A Crotch Tattoo

Kate Gosselin has a tattoo of something that points directly to her crotch area. Just in case you’ve forgotten, exactly where her 800 kids sprung into life from.

This must be part of her mid-life crisis move from soccer mom to sexy soccer mom, but either way, she’s still gross looking. I guess the male equivalent to this would be driving a Porsche when you’re 80, getting an earring and a 24-year-old girlfriend. But then again, that might only work for Hugh Hefner. Don’t quote me on that.

Still, we have to wonder why she wanted to tat up her girl parts with something so permanent. Perhaps that’s the only way to direct her boyfriend bodyguard to the goodies?

Ahhhhh, this is what they meant when they said some things should remain a mystery.

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