Kate Middleton Is Slim But Is She Anorexic?

Kate Middleton Is Slim But Is She Anorexic?

The controversy over Kate Middleton‘s weight loss continues.  The Duchess of Cambridge lost a significant amount of weight prior to her royal wedding and is now the poster girl for web sites devoted to anorexia.

When Kate’s wedding dress went on display recently in Buckingham Palace an ABC correspondent described it as “teeny, teeny, tiny.”

A friend of Kate is trying to set the record straight now that it is no secret that since William and Kate married in April, the newest member of the British Royal family is suspected to have an eating disorder.  “Kate is very slender but she certainly doesn’t have an eating disorder,” the friend said.

In spite of the fact the Duchess has been an inspiration of sorts for women turning to anorexia, or other extreme forms of eating disorders, her friend says Kate would be “horrified” at being a role model for such an unhealthy cause.

“She’ll be horrified that she is on these sites,” her friend says. “Yes, she has lost weight but that’s largely down to the stress she has been under and all the traveling she has done recently.”

Some say eating disorder – some say weight loss due to stress and a hectic schedule. What we say is that Prince William doesn’t seem to be losing weight!

Image credit to WENN.com/FayesVision

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