Kelly Osbourne In Nasty Battle With Lady GaGa’s Little Monsters

Kelly Osbourne In Nasty Battle With Lady Gaga's Little Monsters

Kelly Osbourne has reacted with disgust and rage at Lady GaGa fans who flooded her page with insults after she revealed her dislike of a country version of the GaGa’s Born This Way song.

Kelly Osbourne claims to be a dedicated GaGa fan, but had the audacity to go online to liken a remix of the star’s latest song to the theme tune from 1990s sitcom Roseanne.

On her page, she wrote, “As much as I loooooooove Gaga I have to say the country version of born this way sounds like the theme song to Roseanne!”

But the throwaway comment came back to haunt her after the Poker Face hitmaker’s avid supporters left reams of nasty messages on her page.   Osbourne later apologised for offending the singer’s fans, but also pointed out their behavior was bullying and hateful which means they were acting in a way which contradicts Gaga’s theme of love and tolerance.

She wrote, “Looks like I unintentionally p**sed some Gaga fans off.  I meant no disrespect but I do find it odd that they are being hateful… especially when Gaga dedicates a huge part of her career to the eradication of hate… it’s very sad.”
Yes it is very sad when expressing an opinion about a stupid song brings down hate from rabid fans.  These little monsters need to get a life that includes the capacity for independent critical thinking – nothing is as disgusting and brutal as a mob.  They behave as though Kelly has insulted their messiah – how pathetic.

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