Kim Kardashian’s Husband, Kris Humphries Loses Wedding Ring – Fears For His Life

Kim Kardashian's Husband, Kris Humphries Loses Wedding Ring - Fears For His Life

Kim Kardashian’s new husband of less than two months, Kris Humphries, was sent into a panic after he lost his wedding ring.  Kris’ diamond wedding band was lost after Kris had to take off all his jewelery passing through airport security at a Minneapolis airport.

Eyewitness Omar Ahmad reports what happened: “Kris must have had to take off all his jewelry or it slipped off his finger because he was freaking out and frantically looking for it yelling ‘where’s my ring?!'”

“He was crawling on his knees looking for it underneath the x-ray machine. No one was helping him and very few actually recognized him except for me. So I stepped in to help.  Ahmad laughed, “I told him, I’m going to help you find this so you don’t have to deal with this tonight.”

While Kris and Omar, a complete stranger, searched for the ring, Humphries’ two friends reportedly did nothing to help in the search.

“They just stood there, with looks on their faces like, “oh s**t! He lost his ring!” Ahmad said.

After 10 minutes crawling around on their knees, Ahmad said he found the band in the corner and security grabbed it.

“Kris was just so thankful I helped him and and didn’t just leave him. It’s funny, I was really the only one who knew who he was.”

Can you imagine the terror that Kris was in, fearing that he would have to face Kim ringless?

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