Kristen Stewart Has Vowed Not To Work With Robert Pattinson Again?

Kristen Stewart Has Vowed Not To Work With Robert Pattinson Again?

Twilight actress Kirsten Stewart (Bella) has acted alongside co-star Robert Pattinson (Edward) in three of the Twilight Saga films.  The two are currently filming the much anticipated next segment in the sage Breaking Dawn which is two parts.  Kristen and Robert are also one of the most talked about celebrity couples: one day  they are dating; one day they are engaged and another day they are split up. 

The UK Daily Star is reporting that Kristen has decided she does not want to do further movies with Robert, rather she wants to pursue solo projects.  Once Break Dawn is finished that will be the last time Robert and her will appear together.

Kristen reportedly recently said “We’ll be pursuing solo projects from now on.”

If the report is true it makes sense – I would imagine they do not want to be stereotyped.  Twihards will not be happy to hear this.   The UK Daily Star goes on to further report that the couple are considering buying a house together.  What do you think does it make sense for Kristen and Robert to do solo projects?

  • linda loveslace

    R I watched Twilight for the first time last night. Yeah I know talk about being behind on the phenomenon LOL!
    Anyway I expected it to be just another The Ring type of film but….I was flabbergasted! I was glued to the screen all the way through fascinated by Bella & Edward! I had seen Into The Wild btw and thought Kristen was good in it but Twilight surprised & delighted me.
    I agree its best that they part because they’d be stereo typed. Not a good risk to take at such a young age. I think Twihards will understand. Unless of course they are Bieber fans as well. Some of them have been pretty disturbing recently over Selena Gomez.

    • Yes me as well. People are so crazy about the two of them. Always searching about news about Twilight and them. They have to be very careful that they don’t get stereotyped in the role. Bieber fans are crazy…

  • Te Rina

    I think that Kristen should do what she thinks is best. If working solo is something she want’s to do and thinks will be healthier for her relationship with Rob then she should do it. Of course, we will miss seeing the two together on Movies, but i guess we could deal with it.

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  • OST

    It doesn’t seem likely they would put them in a film together for a while anyways if even at all. It would be tough to separate their old characters if they did.

  • Danelle

    I don’t like either one of them, I don’t believe that either one can act as well. I read the books…unwillingly, and watched the first two movies and it made my stomach turn. Twilight is just another fad that will eventually die soon;like Harry Potter. But in reality, Harry Potter was much more popular, has been around much longer and has grossed more money then any other movie or “fad”. Plus, I really don’t see their relationship lasting long, given the fact that celebrity’s that become invloved because of movies that they do together don’t last long. I mean no respect to those…what do you call the? Twihards? Pubesent teenagers, is what they all they really are. Plus nither one of them is even attractive.

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