L.A. Scares The Crap Out Of Emma Watson

L.A. Scares The Crap Out Of Emma Watson

Despite her movie star status, actress Emma Watson wants to lead a normal life. She even attended a public college and lived in a dorm room with a stranger. I can’t think of any celebrity who seeks normalcy quite like Watson. But it seems as though the glitz and the glamour of Hollywood may have started to take a toll on her.

I am looking forward to being a normal teenager and want a normal experience for a bit. Just a little bit of normality for a while would be nice,” she said back in 2009 before attending Brown University.

The starlet recently sat down with Harper’s Bazaar and chatted about her unusual relationship with good old Los Angeles, California.

L.A. scares the crap out of me,” she said. “I feel if I have to work out four hours a day, and count the calories of everything I put in my mouth, and have Botox at 22, and obsess about how I look the whole time, I will go mad. I will absolutely lose it.”

She summed up young Hollywood pretty well – but, stand your ground, Emma! You don’t need to count calories or get Botox!