LEAKED: Jennifer Lopez & Ojani Noa Honeymoon Sex Tape – VIDEO

LEAKED: Jennifer Lopez & Ojani Noa Honeymoon Sex Tape VIDEO

An intimate video of Jennifer Lopez with her ex-husband Ojani Noa has leaked, well at least a couple of  the scenes in the video below.   The rest of the footage is locked in a safety deposit box at the City National Bank in Century City, California.    The tapes are about 15-20 minutes of total nudity between all the different clips among the 27 hours of footage of Ojani and Jennifer — who divorced after less than a year of marriage in 1998.

Ojani was hoping to have released the footage for a tidy profit already, but has been rebuffed by J-Lo at every turn.  The fight has been going back and forth and Jennifer is not giving up.  A Los Angeles County Superior Judge recently ruled that  the video cannot be sold  for distribution without Jennifer signing off on it.  So Jennifer has won the current round of which I am certain will be a long and messy fight

Jennifer Lopez Has a BOYFRIEND!

Clearly the tapes are also cause for contention between Jennifer and her hubby Marc AnthonyHe recently stormed out of an interview with a Univision TV reporter after she refused to stop quizzing him about his wife, Jennifer Lopez’s, ongoing legal battle with her ex-husband Ojani Noa.

Jennifer can fight all she wants – I am sure those tapes are going to be leaked eventually no matter what she does.