Learn to Hit the Jackpot with Theslotguru Earnest Cobb’s New Book

Winning over 10.3 million dollars playing the slots over 6 years is a heck of feat for anyone but winning is a common occurrence for “Theslotguru” Earnest Cobb. However he says it not always luck, it’s a game of chance, and knowing how to play the odds can make you a fortune fast.

Cobb decided to share his wealth of information in his new book “Secrets to Hitting More Jackpots: Get the Winning Edge” so everyone can have the chance to play the slots better. It’s designed for the novice as a text book of information and for the experienced pro, providing tips to help them up their game.

Cobb’s success was so well known that he was even featured on TLC (The Learning Channel). Cobb took the audience into his domain, and on television hit a jackpot without any tricks from the casino. He then gave the money away.

“Gambling is a game of chance, you are going to win and you are going to lose. The object is to be responsible and understand you can’t hit the jackpot every time” says Cobb and adds “discipline is key, you need to know when to walk away when you’re ahead”.

As the economy grows tougher each day, we see more people on fixed incomes playing the slots hoping for a big payoff. Cobb’s book helps those who are in tough economic situations by giving them the edge to keep more of their money and win, adding to it.

For more information or to get your copy of the book visit his Official Website

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