Lucky Canada! They Get To Keep Crazy Randy and Evi Quaid

Lucky Canada, They Get To Keep Crazy Randy and Evi Quaid

Gosh Canada is so lucky they get to keep crazy as a bag of hammers Randy and Evi Quaid.   The Santa Barbara County district attorney’s office made an extradition request and it has been denied.  The dynamic duo have been hiding out from ‘Hollywood Star whackers’ in Vancouver, Canada.  The U.S. Department of Justice did not feel that Randy and Evi’s crimes merit the long process of seeking extradition from Canada.  That is usually reserved for far more serious crimes.

The duo are wanted for damages amounting to $5,000 they did to a house they were living in.  They plead not guilty to the charges last September, got bail and then never showed up for their court hearing.

Well one thing for sure I am guessing they are not heading back to the US anytime soon since they will be arrested.   I am sure every movie producer in Vancouver is trying to get Randy to appear in some production.  Yep he is nuts, but he is still a great actor.

Bravo to the US government for  denying the extradition and not wasting tax payers money.  What these two nut jobs need is a padded cell not to be dragged back to the US.

Image credit to Nikki Nelson / WENN

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