Meet New Music Sensation Sunshine and Bullets

New Music Sensation Sunshine and Bullets

If you haven’t heard the dynamic music of Sunshine and Bullets, you’re in for a rock-and-roll treat.

The trio, made up of vocalist/guitarist Amanda Lethal, Richard Thee Ginger and Wolfie, provide an adventure in Alternative Hard Rock that is sure to get the car stereos blasting and the dance floors bustling.

The oscillating, wicked vocals of Amanda, and Rich combined with the hard-driving, shredding guitars, Amanda’s bass, and Kyle’s drums, are sure to bring listeners to their feet and their radios blasting from their cars.

The band’s hit is “I Like Your Style,” and anyone who hears Amanda’s addicting, energetic voice booming over the foot-stomping guitar riff as she sings of a woman’s seriously physical attraction to her guy, won’t soon forget the feeling of awesomeness.

Amanda and Rich have been working together since 2005, albeit with different bands. But their chemistry is undeniable. The band’s first CD, “The Fight For Andromeda”, will soon be out—and then they’ll REALLY make some noise.

Unless you can hear it already!  Check out their music by visiting their website