More Bella Swan/Kristen Stewart Breaking Dawn House Photos

More Bella Swan/Kristen Stewart Breaking Dawn House

As we have been told the filming of Breaking Dawn has moved from Baton Rouge to Vancouver – they will be filming there until April 2011.  We have previously posted pictures of the Bella Swan/Kristen Stewart house and now we have MORE pictures for your enjoyment. 

This is the house where Bella Swan lives with her father Charlie.  If you look at the pictures after the jump you will see that the front door of the house has been decorated for Christmas with garland and Christmas lights.   We assume they will be filming Breaking Dawn II and the scene where Bella brings Renesemee to visit Charlie during the Christmas holidays.

It looks like the house is finally complete and ready for filming.  I am sure in a short while they will block off the house and we will not be able to get as close.  Enjoy the pictures!

Image source Newsflic

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