More Details & Photos of Oksana Girgorieva’s Ex-Bodyguard Kristian Herzog’s Book

As Celeb Dirty Laundry posted last week Oksana Grigorieva’s ex-bodyguard Kristian Herzog has written an explosive tell-all book about his relationship with Oksana. Kris claims he not only worked for Oksana, but by May 2010, he had started a personal romantic relationship with “The Sexual Sorceress.”

We had a chance to speak to Kris (Kristian Herzog) about his book “Kris Herzog – The Bodyguard, Mel Gibson – The Movie Star & Oksana Grigorieva – The Sexual Sorceress” and we provide some fascinating segments of that interview below.

RobynIf you and Oksana were intimate then why are you now kissing & telling?  Kris One day when Oksana was drinking she held up a tape recorder to my face and said, as long as we are together you will not screw me over and I said, as long as we are together I promise not to run over to Mel and go on team Mel and I said as long as you agree to never hire anyone else as your personal assistant. So I agreed as long as we were together I would not talk – and I kept my word.

RobynWhen did your relationship end with Oksana and why did it terminate? KrisMy relationship with Oksana ended by May 2010. MOST of the Attorneys & I left after she admitted in person, through email & text form that she lied about Mel for $$$$$.

RobynWho was in the house on the infamous day when Mel allegedly abused Oksana? KrisThere were four people – Oksana, Mel, Oksana’s son Alexander, and the nanny (who has since passed away).

RobynWhy are your writing this book?  Kris Because it is absolutely mind-boggling to me that there are a substantial number of facts pertaining to this case that have not seen the light of day. Furthermore, many of these facts are far more interesting, more unusual, and yes, way more shocking than anything you have heard and yet. I think these facts demand a public outing – they need to be heard.

RobynDo you have proof to substantiate all of your claims? KrisYes, absolutely – I have e-mails, texts (Oksana loves to text when she drinks), contracts and videos.

One thing for certain – What Kris has to say and what he claims to know will change your perception of all the key players in the Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva saga. I know that talking to Kris certainly blew my mind!

Oksana’s lawyer claims that Kris never worked for Oksana and Kris is trying to destroy her reputation.

For more Kris Herzog info and his Official Celebrity Bodyguard BIO, plus 1000?s of photos and videos about Kris Herzog’s Book go here:   HERE

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