OK! Magazine: Inside Kim Kardashian’s Bridal Shower

OK! Magazine: Inside Kim Kardashian's Bridal Shower
The August 15th issue of OK! Magazine has an exclusive story on what happened inside Kim Kardashian‘s wedding shower.   They have a 10 page exclusive with over 30 pictures from the event.  In this week’s headline: ‘Official Coverage: Kim invites OK! into her private celebrations; The lavish gifts, her fiancé crashes the party, and the big surprise; I’ve never felt so loved.’

Kim Kardashian’s wedding shower took place July 23rd, 2011 at Kim’s Mom Kris Jenner’s home.   All the Kardashian sisters attended the party as well as celebrity guests included Lindsay Lohan and Demi Lovato.

OK! has the scoop on what went down: “Partygoers dined on delicious treats by family friend and chef, Rachael Ray.  Kim was composed and gracious as she greeted all of her guests, looking gorgeous as always in a pink dress and Christian Louboutin heels. Mom Kris was also looking fantastic, as befits the mother of the bride! “She was completely at ease and the happiest I’ve ever seen he. She was glowing and sweet, and a social butterfly.”

Also in this week’s issue the magazine claims Jesse James wants Sandra Bullock back.  Good luck to him with that LOL!  Of course since the current season of The Bachelorette is over the magazine has an article on Ashley Hebert and ‘In Love Or in Hell’

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