Robert Pattinson Le Figaro France Interview & Photos

Robert Pattinson Le Figaro France Interview & Photos

Water for Elephant and Twlight Saga star Robert Pattinson graces the current cover of France’s Le Figaro.  The magazine interview is to promote Water for Elephants.  Below are some highlighs of the interview in the magazine.   One of the best moments of the interview is when they ask what fragrance he wears and he says “Mine, my body odor.”  Wow is that hot or what?  Kristen is a lucky women!

Robert about what attracted him to the role of Jacob Jankowski – The book by young novelist Sara Gruen, was an incredible success in the United States, and tha main story is set in a traveling circus in the 20’s.  With this role, I had the opportunity to leave the fantasy of Twilight , to live among the animals, touching real things.

Robert about his role models, his favorite actors in movies – James Dean who only made ??three movies. I like Giant with Elizabeth Taylor . But for me, the great icon of the 60s, is Marlon Brando, with this kind of rage internalized, this duality between masculinity and tenderness hidden. I’m also a fan of gangster films with James Cagney and Paul Newman, especially in Cool Hand Luke .  Among actresses, Isabelle Huppert, I love the golden age of Hollywood, Ava Gardner and Katharine Hepburn. Kristen Stewart, whom I admire has a bit of Katherine Hepburn in her.

For more of the interview visit Le Figaro

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