Sarah Palin’s Alaska Won’t See A Second Season

Sarah Palin's Alaska Won't See A Second Season

Presidential hopeful Sarah Palin’s TLC show ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’ won’t be around for another season. is reporting that although it  pulled in 3.2 million viewers to the show there are no plans for a second season.  The season finale which airs on Sunday will be the last.  There was a lot of bad press generated by the show – the episode where Sarah is suppose to be caribou hunting drew outrage from hunters.  They said it takes more than aiming a gun to be hunter and called her hunting experience totally fake and staged.

Nevertheless, it makes sense that Sarah does not do another season since it is believed she intends to run for office.  What do you think – will you miss the show?  Have you watched?  You betcha I have not!

4 responses to “Sarah Palin’s Alaska Won’t See A Second Season”

  1. Jody says:

    Sarah Palin is to character what she is to hunting – an empty fake.

  2. mark says:

    Let’s hope her political career gets cancelled as well. She didn’t even know which Korea the U.S. supports. Her stupidity makes her dangerous.

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  4. falling says:

    LOL What a silly headline! Sarah Palin’s Alaska wasn’t even a series, it was an 8 part documentary and there was never a possibility that it would be made into a series of any kind. Do people really work this hard to come up with fake garbage to attack the Palin’s over?