Star Magazine: Newlywed Kim Kardashian Miserable Already – Photo

Star Magazine: Newlywed Kim Kardashian Miserable Already - Photo

Well that didn’t take long! Kim Kardashian and her basketball playing beau, Kris Humphries, were married on August 20th and according to this new report from Star magazine, she is already miserable.

They managed to make a crapload of money off of the wedding, with the sales of the photos and the exclusive footage for E! Now, they’ve apparently started fighting over her fortune? I find that hard to believe, considering that Kris wasn’t coming into that as a poor guy.

Also, they’re claiming that Kris has told Kim that he’s tired of faking it for the reality television cameras. That I don’t doubt. When you have cameras following you around 24/7, it has to get tiresome. Where do you have any time for yourself?

Also in this issue, Angelina Jolie is down to 94 pounds, Jay-Z has a secret love child and they discuss Ali Lohan’s plastic surgery scandal.

Do you believe the rumors that Kim and Kris are already unhappy in their new marriage? Or is this just Star magazine trying to sell copies? Sound off in the comments!