Sunshine and Bullets Release Anticipated Debut CD


Steamy, sexy and strikingly explosive, the alt-rock trio Sunshine and Bullets is thrilling fans and newbies alike with their glowing new CD,“The Fight For Andromeda”.

They kicked into high gear with a guest shot on “CW Network’s Daily Buzz”which gave the world a taste of their fresh new sound.

Their unique blend of bright vocals, dazzling riffs and power house drums is winning new audiences coast to coast.

Whether rocking on the radio or shredding on a live stage, they generate contagious excitement at every level.

Blond beauty Amanda Hamers and writing partner Rich Keane share rich vocal harmonies while drummer Kyle “Wolfie” Wolfram adds the extra energy that makes this band a special treat.

Their pleasing lyrics and dynamic stage presence make Sunshine and Bullets as bright and potent as their name implies.

Check their web site for concert dates, and make sure you hear their high-caliber sounds by visiting their website.