Survivor Redemption Island – Week FOUR Recap & Who Was Voted Out?

Survivor Redemption Island - Week FOUR Recap & Who Was Voted Out?

Last week bad boy Russell was sent to Redemption Island, his life on Survivor hangs by a thread.  Russell arrives and finds Matt and is pissed off because his tribe told him that it would be Francesca, he says “I could just bitch slap them all”.

Back at Ometepe, the tribe is freaked out by Phillip’s pink tidy whiteys with everything hanging out! Phillip gets up early and picks of the mail – same as last week, two contestants from each tribe get to witness the battle at Redemption island. At Zapatera, Ralph shows off his immunity idol.

At Redemption island, the duel is Dominoes. Matt takes the lead and falls short, Russell tries and falls short as well. Matt wins and Russell is out of the game, he starts to cry!   Russell is furious because his team threw the challenge to get rid of him. Matt’s journey to stay in the game continues.

At Ometepe, Boston Rob is on a mission to find the idol and tries to think of a plan to get rid of everyone; he brings them on a beach outing and pretends to have to relieve himself in the forest. Rob is digging through rocks, climbing trees; he’s having a really tough time, but he finds the immunity idol up in a tree. Philip is digging his grave, he talks too much and the tribe is fed up with him.

At Zapatera, Stephanie and Krysta show that they are still with ‘camp Russell’ as when Ralph gives them the news that he is gone upsets them.

The tribe is off to a challenge, Ralph thinks it is a building challenge and loads himself up with tools.

At the reward challenge teams are playing for a bbq set including the food. Zapatera have one extra person, they sit out Krista.

Teams have to use a crowbar to open a crate to reveal a shovel. Then they use the shovel to dig to find the hatchet and cut threw a log to release the saws. They saw planks to put together to form a step for them to walk up to the top and untie three nails, hammer the nails in a plank to break three tiles, then put their tool box on top.  Zapatera wins reward.

At Zapatera, the tribe is happy that they have food and Ralph offers to lick the food off everyone’s fingers, yuck.

At Ometepe, Phillip never wants to shy away from a moment of putting his two cents in and everyone just wants him to shut up. Kristina feels that she is going to be going up against Phillip, but still feels that she has a good chance against him. Boston Rob wants to get rid of Kristina because he feels that she is more of a threat than Phillip, so he makes the tribe believe that she has the idol and needs to go.  The tribe feels that Phillip is a ticking time bomb and want him to go.

At Tribal Council, Jeff asks the usual mundane questions and Rob steps in to discredit Kristina. Phillip gets attacked by Kristina, she calls him disruptive. Phillip describes himself as the ‘shepard stamp’ and brags again about his military career and honorable discharge. Nobody plays the immunity idol, Jeff begins to read out the votes. Three votes for Phillip and four for Kristina. Rob is in control of the game, Kristina is gone to Redemption Island.