Survivor: South Pacific Episode 2 ‘He Has Demons’ Preview Video

Survivor: South Pacific Episode 2 'He Has Demons' Preview Video

Tonight is the second episode of Survivor: South Pacific, which according to the preview is the wildest season yet.  In last week’s episode of the show Ozzy and Coach were the returning players.  Russell is not back this season but his nephew Brandon is who says being related to Russell is like “being related to Hitler!”  I swear he actually said that.  I am sure we will see lots of drama from him this season.  If you missed last week’s episode of the show catch the recap HERE.

Synopsis of this week’s episode:  Episode 2 – “He Has Demons”– A Castaway’s Struggles with his inner demons could sever an early alliance, ON “SURVIVOR: SOUTH PACIFIC,” WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 21.  The discovery of an Immunity Idol gives one castaway an early advantage in the game, and the unraveling of a white lie leads to an explosive Tribal Council.

Not really much new here in the video. Cochran is at the bottom of the totem pole so he reinvents himself as a working machine.  As he says “Now Cochran does not follow mommy’s advice”  We will see if he helps his team to victory this week or  he pulls them down.  Brandon’s (Russell’s nephew) secret weighs heavy on him and he feels he is being dishonest with Coach.  Ughh can tell already he is not his Uncle!  Anyway we will find out tonight if he keeps the secret.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think, sound out in the comments below!

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