The Amazing Race Season 19 Episode 6 Live Recap 10/30/11

The Amazing Race Season 19 Episode 6 Live Recap 10/30/11

Tonight is the sixth episode of Season 19 of The Amazing Race called ‘We Love Your Country Already, It Is Very Spacious.’  The seven remaining teams depart from the M. R. Kukrit Heritage House in Bangkok, Thailand and continue on the sixth leg of The Amazing Race.  Last week Liza and Marie after a brave and valiant effort were eliminated.  If you missed the episode you can read our official recap here!

Tonight’s episode:   Amani and Marcus are the first to start off at 7:22AM and they are flying across the India Ocean to the continent of Malawi.  They have $365 for this leg of the race.   They have to take themselves to a tobacco warehouse at Gate #7 to get their next clue.

All the teams get on the same plane to Malawi.  Jeremy and Sandy get to the warehouse first and there is a roadblock.  Wearing a workmen’s uniform they must transport 10-200lb bags of coffee on a dolly to the holding area.  As they are moving the bales while the local workers are singing and yelling and encouraging them.

Two couples Amani & Marcus and Cathi and Bill get stuck in traffic and are behind all the rest of the teams getting to the roadblock.  Cathi and Bill manage to get to the warehouse next and Bill does the challenge.  Finally Marcus and Amani arrive last and Marcus decides to complete the roadblock.

Jeremy and Sandy are the first team to finish the roadblock challenge and have to make their way to Memorial Tower for the next clue.

Jeremy & Sandy get to the clue first and it is a Detour they have to choose either ‘All sewn up’ in this challenge they must go to the Tailor shop and stitch the unfinished seems of a jacket and pants or “Not grown up’ in this challenge they must visit a  school and working with scrap material they must build 2 children’s toy trucks.

Meanwhile, the last two teams at the warehouse are Bill and Marcus.  Bill manages to finish first and they are on their way and it leaves Marcus to finish the challenge and he looks exhausted.  Marcus is encouraged by the spirit of the local workers as they chant, shout and encourage him to finish.

Most of the teams choose to make the toy trucks.  Cathi is the first to finish the pants and is on to the jacket.  She has a lot of sewing experience.

Jeremy & Sandy are the first to finish the toy trucks and get their next clue they must head to the  R-K Furniture Shop.

Over at the sewing challenge Ernie and Cindy is the first to finish and they are heading to the R-K Furniture Shop too.  Then Cathi and Bill finish and are now on their way to the Furniture Store.

Justin and Jason are the first to arrive and then Jeremy & Sandy and they find that they must find a truck to carry 2 beds to the next pit stop.  Once they almost get to the pit stop they see a sign that says all vehicles must stop and they must carry their beds by hand to the pit stop.   The beds look heavy and it looks like it is going to be difficult.  Meanwhile, Marcus and Amari’s cab breaks down on the way to the pit stop.


Justin & Jennifer are the first team to arrive, however they did not pay their truck driver so they have to go back and pay him.

Andy & Tommy are now the first team to arrive and as the winners they are going to a private Islands in the British Virgina Islands.

As Cindy carries the bed on the way to the Pit Sop the bed falls on top of her.

Justin & Jennifer get back to their driver and pay but they find out someone else did not pay so they know they won’t be last.

The next team to arrive is Justin & Jennifer as Team Number 2

Bill & Cathi come arrive at the Pit Stop but they are told they have to go back to pay their driver.

Jeremy & Sandy are Team number 3.

Zac & Laurence are Team Number 4

Ernie & Cindy are Team Number 5

Bill & Cathi get back and they are Team Number 6

Marcus & Amani are the last team to arrive and they find out they are still in the race because it is a non-elimination leg. 

Sometime on the next leg of the race they will enounter a speed bump they will have to complete.

See you next week!