The Biggest Loser Season 12 Episode 11 ‘Makeover Week’ Recap 11/29/11

The Biggest Loser Season 12 Episode 11 'Makeover Week' Recap 11/29/11

Tonight the contestants on The Biggest Loser get a makeover NBC returns with a whole new episode.   Stay tuned as we cover their official recap of show with up-to-the-minute details.  Tonight is the eleventh episode of the show and the contestants get whisked away for a Hollywo  od makeover.

Last week we saw Ramon and Sunny fall below the yellow line.  The vote came down to a tie but because Ramon had the lowest % of weight loss he was sent home.  With his five pound weight loss last week Ramon went home at 268 lbs.  If you missed last week’s episode you can read our official recap here!  The remaining five players left in the game are: Sunny; Antone; John; Vinnie and Becky.

Episode Synopsis: CELEBRITY HAIRSTYLIST KEN PAVES AND FASHION EXPERT JEANNIE MAI HELP TRANSFORM FINAL FIVE CONTESTANTS IN MUST-SEE MAKEOVER EPISODE – In this eagerly-anticipated makeover episode, the five remaining players head off to a luxury spa to get pampered before shopping for stylish new clothes in Beverly Hills with fashion maven Jeannie Mai. Then in-demand Hollywood hairdresser Ken Paves crafts stylish new looks for the contestants before a limousine whisks them away to see Cirque Du Soleil’s “Iris.” But before the show begins, each player gets a heartwarming reunion with a loved one flown in to celebrate their big day and see their amazing transformation. Later, back to reality and the ranch, the contestants weigh in and one more is eliminated, leaving the final four players of the season.

If you want a preview of what is going to happen tonight you can see a  sneak peek video here!

Tonight’s Episode:  The five remaining contestants meet Alison at the top of the mountain.  This is the final week on campus and the contestants are meeting for a challenge.  Each contestant is going to put the weight they lost during the show on.  They will race up the hill and at check points they will drop a weight until they get it all off.  The winner of the race gets a 1lb advantage.  The remaining contestants want to win a 1lb advantage is huge for them.  John and Antone are neck and neck both trying desperately to win the challenge.  They both sprint to the finish, but John crosses the finish line by a head and wins a 1 lbs advantage.

Alison tells the contestants they are getting a new look, it is Makeover week and the  remaining contestants are excited.  Alison tells them they are going to be made over from head to toe.  Progresso is giving them soup for a week and $5,000.  They meet the Glamour Squad and Ken Paves is going to make them over.  Not only are they getting a makeover they are getting to walk the Kodak Red Carpet.

The contestants start with a spa treatment and then they meet  Jeannie Mai who is talking to them about fashion.  She is taking them on a fashion trip in Beverly Hills.  Jeannie mentors each of the contestants on what to buy.  She tries to give the remaining contestants a whole new style.  One the contestants get their new clothes they head over to get their hair done with Ken Paves.  This is Ken’s third season with The Biggest Loser.

The contestants reveal their new look on the red carpet!  John looks fabulous and he says it feels surreal to be on the red carpet.  Next is Antone who feels it is a rush and he feels awesome and looks awesome.  Next out is Sunny dressed in a LBD followed by Vinnie who is a big ham and feels like a movie star.  Becky is last and she feels it is an amazing fairy tale.  Becky’s new haircut looks spectacular she has lost 10 years.  As she says the butterfly is out of the cocoon.  The contestants head to the theater to see Cirque de Soleil.  Becky has a surprise her husband is there.  He is very romantic he gets down on one knee and puts her engagement ring back on her finger that did not fit her before she lost weight.

Another surprise Vinnie’s wife is there too.  She does not recognize him and tells him he looks great!  John says his heart was going 100 miles an hour when he saw her.  John’s wife is there to see him too and he thanks her for supporting him and helping him through his journey.  Sunny’s husband is hear to see her with a bouquet of flowers.  Sunny’s husband see she is free of the burden the weight gave her.  The last person to come in is Antone and his wife is there and she is thrilled with how happy he looks.

The remaining contestants and their spouses stay to watch the Cirque de Soleil with them.

The contestants are back at the ranch and Bob sees their makeover and thinks they look fantastic.  Antone tells Bob they have a surprise for them and the contestants spouses are there.  Bob wants to get to know everyone before they head to the last chance workout.  Bob thinks it is important to talk to the spouses because they are going to have to help when they head back home.

Last Change Workout:  Bob keeps saying he loves his job, so the contestants better watch out.  Bob reminds him that there are five left and after tonight’s weigh in there will only be 4.  Bob puts them through a rigorous workout.

Dolvett is kicking John’s ass.  This is the last last chance workout and John is giving it all he has got.  Anna takes Sunny out to the tennis workout for her last chance workout.

This is the last time the trainers and the contestants will be in the gym together.  This is their last night at the ranch until the marathon.


The trainers are nervous because traditionally Makeover week brings bad numbers!

Sunny – weight 202 – current weight – 201  she loses 1 lb  .5 %

Antone – weight 331 – current weight – 323 he loses 8 lbs  2.42 %

John – weight 305 – current weight – 296 he loses 9 lbs 3.28 %  – He is in the final four

Vinnie – weight 324 current weight -314 he loses 10 lbs 3.09 % – He is in the final four

Becky – weight 177 current weight – 172 she loses 5 lbs 2.82 % – She is in the final four

Antone and Becky are in the bottom two.  One will be voted out and not be in the final four.  All the contestants say goodbye to their trainers.  Regardless of who goes home, all three age groups will be represented in the final four.


Becky —-   Sunny

John  —-    Sunny

Sunny has been eliminated and she will not be in the final four.

The final four are Becky, Antone, John and Vinnie!  They final four pack and are going home!

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