The Biggest Loser Season 12 Week 5 Recap 10/18/11

The Biggest Loser Season 12 Week 5 Recap 10/18/11

The Biggest Loser is back tonight with the fifth episode of the 12th season.  Last week we saw Coach Mike eliminated. Tonight a player goes home and takes a trainer Bob along for the trip.  But the prize comes at a cost: the player’s weight is the only one that counts for the team at the weigh-in. elsewhere, the contestants at the ranch navigate a maze to fill a cylinder with soda; and a trainer lashes out at a player who hides behind humor. If you missed last week’s episode you can read our official recap here!

Tonight’s recap: The contestants come to a huge board and are wondering what it is for.  Alison tells the contestants that one contestant is going home this week for the entire week.  The contestant that is going home will have his trainer with him/her.   The contestants that they may get to see their family.    The person who goes home gets a huge reward, immunity.

There is a catch!  At the end of the week the person who goes home’s weight will be the only weight that counts for their team for the week.

To choose the person who goes home, it is all luck, no strategy involved.   A chip will dropped from the huge board and the name it falls on is the person who will go home.

Sunny on the Black Team is the person who will be headed home to Texas for a week with Bob.  Sunny’s weight is the only weight that will count for the black team and hers is the only weight that will count for the Black Team.  Sunny is very excited, but Bob tells her this is not going to be fun, she still has to work hard.

Bob speaks to the team and tells them this is not the week for them to relax.  Bob is stressed about the fact that the Black Team’s fate is on Sunny’s shoulders.

The Blue Team is working really hard they do not want any members to be voted out this week.  Bonnie is having a difficult time this week and Anna is pushing her.  Bonnie does not think Anna understands her.

Meanwhile the Black Team is having a difficult time working out.  They are really missing him.

The Red Team is working hard and the members are hopeful that this week they win the weight in.  Dolvett is pushing the team hard.  He tells Vinny that he is not putting big enough numbers up each week, but Vinny feels he has worked very hard.

Sunny arrives in Texas and is excited to see her family.   She tells her family she will need her help because her weight is the only weight that will count for her team this week.  She introduces Bob to her family and her family is super excited.   Bob determines that Sunny has a fabulous support system at home.

The Black Team is really struggling, they are not working out together.  Meanwhile Bob is really pushing Sunny and reminds her constantly the team is depending on her.   Sunny is working so hard on the treadmill at the end of the workout she falls on the floor.   She is working so hard she feels she is going to throw up.  Bob reminds her how excited she was to come home and he warned her she would have to work out hard.

Challenge:  Each contestant has 2 glasses they have too fill two glasses, walk to a cylinder and put what they have in the glasses in the cylinder. The first team that fills the cylinder wins the challenge.  The prize tonight is each person on the winning team will get to send someone they know to the Biggest Loser Fitness Ridge for two weeks.

Oh no, during the challenge Bonnie falls and everyone freezes.  She is down on her back.  Bonnie makes them get her up and she fights through the team.

The Red Team is doing a great Job and they win their first challenge.  The Black team is discouraged because they tried so hard.  They feel the loss of Bob.   The Red Team has broken the streak they are the challenge winners.

Back in Texas, Sunny and her family invite Bob to a Bar-B-Q restaurant.    The family is ordering ribs etc etc and Sunny is being tortured.  Sunny has a surprise for Bob something he has to experience in Texas, Bob is nervous.  Sunny brings Bob to ride the mechanical bull.  Bob is not thrilled, but is a good sport and gets on the bull.  Bob intends to get revenge on Sunny in the gym.

Bob calls the Black Team with Sunny and tells Bob they are working hard.  They also let Bob know that the Red Team thinks they will win the weigh-in this week.  The Red Team thinks Sunny is a push over.

Jennifer tells Bob that she feels like an outsider with the other members of the Black Team.  Antone does not think he can help Jennifer, he feels she needs a team of doctors to help her.  Bob tells the Black Team they need to stay together and strong.

The Red Team tells Dolvett that they won the challenge and Dolvett is proud of them.  Dolvett is upset when Vinnie shows him that he has names his stomack Cecil and Dolvett is not impressed he does not find it funny at all.

Last chance workout:   In the gym Dolvett is not amused he feels like the Red Team is laughing too much and needs to take things more serious.

The Blue Team is doing the workout in the pool.  Bonnie is not impressed with Anna, she is not happy how she treats her.  Anna tries to reason with her but Bonnie is still upset.

Bob tells Sunny she is going to have the craziest last chance workout she has ever seen.   It is over 110 degrees on the farm and he has Sunny doing crazy things: pushing cars; carry bales and sacks of feed up stairs.

Weigh In

Bob and Sunny are back for the weigh in.   Bonnie is complaining to Alison about how Anna treats her.  Bonnie feels that Anna is nice to Rebecca but not her.  She feels her and Anna need to sit down and talk about it.  Bob defends Anna and tells Bonnie, Anna is not here to be her friend but to help her work out.

Tonight is so or die for the Blue Team, with only two members left.

Red Team
Vinnie – loses 10 lbs
Jessica – loses 6 lbs
Ramon – loses 7 lbs
Courtney – loses 6 lbs
Total weight loss: 29 lbs and 2.52 %

Blue Team
Bonnie – loses 4 lbs
Becky – loses 8 lbs
Total weight loss: 12 lbs and 2.70%

Black Team
John loses 12 lbs.
Jennifer loses 8 lbs
Joe loses 7 lbs
Antone loses 5 lbs
Sunny loses 14 lbs
Total weight loss is 14 lbs because only Sunny’s counts this week and 5.81%

Someone on the Red Team will be going home tonight! The red team cannot vote for Jessica because she has the highest percentage weight loss.

Votes to go home:

Jessica votes for Courtney

Courtney votes for Vinnie

Vinnie votes for Courtney

Ramon votes for Courtney

Courtney is vote out with three votes, she is not the biggest loser!

Stay tuned as we cover the show with up-to-the-minute details of who’s going home tonight and the weigh in!