The X Factor USA’s L.A. Reid: Astro Has Already Achieved Success

LA Reid: Astro Has Already Achieved Success

After Astro was eliminated LA Reid said “The first thing that went through my mind was that this 14-year-old kid from Brooklyn entered a major singing competition and made it all the way to the Top 7, gained fans, and did a magnificent performance week on week.”

I myself agree 100% the kids never disappointed, except for the one night that he had an attitude for being in the bottom two. I believe right there, that was the reason he was kicked off the show, he lost quite a bit of voters because of that whole incident. Although, it was bad, it was also a very good learning experience for Astro. He’s learned from that mistake and it will only make him grow as an artist.

LA Reid also says “This kid has already made it. He’s a success. All he has to do now is write and perform his way to the top.”  Astro himself says “I feel like this is a great stepping stone for hip-hop and this is just the beginning for me. It’s not the end.”

I’m glad to see him act more mature; he took the actual elimination very good. I honestly can’t wait to see what Astro is going to do next, all I know is that for him, success in Hip-Hop is inevitable; he was born to be a star.

Hip-Hop really needs Astro’s talent and words, nowadays the Hip-Hop music I hear has no real meaning and bland content. Hip-Hop needs a change.

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