True Blood Season 4 Premiere Episode 1 Recap 06/26/11

True Blood Season 4 Premiere Episode 1 Recap 06/26/11

The fourth season of HBO’s addictive vampire series “True Blood” officially debuts tonight and we have the recap of the show for you.  We will be recapping it live so make sure to come back often.  This year there is a new coven of witches coming to Bon Temp and apparently they steal Eric Northman’s (hottest vampire on the planet) memory.  Alexander Skarsgard recently said about it: “It’s a completely different side of Eric.  He doesn’t know who he is so all that baggage is gone — 1,000 years of resentment and bitterness, the whole loathing humanity kind of stuff is gone. But there has to be an element of danger there still.”

Before we get started with tonight’s episode if you haven’t seen the show before below is a listing of whose who on the show:

HUMAN:  Sookie Stackhouse, Jason Stackhouse, Tara Thornton, Lafayette Reynolds & Arlene Fowler, Andy Bellefleur, Portia Bellefleur, Terry Bellefleur, Hoyt Fortenberry & Maxine Fortenberry
VAMPIRES: Bill Compton, Eric Northman, Pamela De Beaufort, Jessica Hamby & Sophie-Anne Leclerq
SHAPE SHIFTERS: Sam Merlotte, Luna, Alcide Herveaux, Crystal Norris & Felton Norris
WITCHES: Claudine Crane, Jesus Velasquez, Holly Cleary, Marnie & Queen Mab

It promises to be another exciting season – so come back every week and read our recap or just leave us a message if we miss something.  We’ll do our best to help you keep up-to-date!

Tonight’s show opens in Fairyland as Sookie arrives.  Sookie tells them she feels dizzy.  Sookie asks the girl who says she is her godmother how can she have a fairy godmother.  She tells her if you are taking care of me you suck and are doing a bad job.  In fairyland she meets people she knows.  Her fairy godmother tells her to mingle.

Someone comes by offering people a Lumiere – a lighted fruit.  As she looks around she sees her grandfather.   He thinks he saw her last week, but Sookie tells him the last time she saw him was 20 years ago.  Her grandfather asks her about her grandmother and Sookie brings him up to date on the family.  Her grandfather cannot understand he feels like he has only been in fairyland for a few hours.

Sookie looks around and tells her grandfather by telepathy that they need to leave “it is a trap” she says. Someone walks over and tells her the trap is where she lives.   She tells Sookie that she is the one that summoned her and her name is Queen Mab.  She tells Sookie she has put their life is in jeopardy because she let a vampire feed off her.  They try to force her to eat the lighted fruit and Queen Mab tells her they are harvesting people.  Sookie fights them and runs away with her grandfather.  As they run someone tries to help them as Queen Mab tries to get her a fight ensues.  Sookie and her grandfather follow the man who says he is the sister of the women who brought her there.  He tries to make Sookie jump into a huge hole which he says is a portal.  Her grandfather pushes it into her and she goes through the portal with her grandfather and lands in Bon Temp.  Because her grandfather ate the light fruit he is sick and cannot survive.  He gives her a pocket watch to give to Jason her brother.

Sookie cries for her grandfather and then goes back to her house and finds people working on her house.   When she asks people what they are doing they tell her she cannot go in there.  She says this is my house I can go in.  They tell her if she does not leave they are calling the police.  She tells them to do it because she wants an explanation.

The police show up and it is her brother Jason.  He grabs her and hugs her he says he cannot believe it is her.  He tells her they thought she was dead.  He tells her she has been gone 12 and 1/2 months.  He sold her house and kept her stuff.  Jason says at least I did not thrown your stuff out.  He says he could not take it anymore and he sold it to a real estate company.  He says he wanted it to done with it.

Sookie tell him she cannot believe he gave up on her.  She tells him the place where she went time works different.  Jason tells her if she tells people she traveled to a land with fairies they are going to put her away.  Sookie gives Jason the pocket watch and tell him grandpa gave it to her for him.  She tells him grandpa is gone but he wanted him to have it.

Sookie then sees it is night and goes out and Bill shows up.  Bill asks her if she was with Claudine.  He though she had died.  Then Eric showed up and tells her he knew she was alive.  Eric tells Sookie everyone gave up on her but he did not.

Eric leaves and Andy Bellefleur shows up.  He tells her to come down to the station to give her story and tell them where she was.   Sookie tells Andy she was not kidnapped and Andy got really upset screaming at her.  Bill tells Andy he had her on vampire business and Bill will pay the cost of the search.

Sookie tells Bill she knows she lost a year and that she knows Bill was worried about her but for her it is only 10 minutes to her that he broke her heart.  Sookie tells Bill she is glad he is okay.  Bill leaves.

Next we see Lafayette and Jesus and Lafayette is complaining that Jesus wants to take him to a coven.   They walk into a place where there are people sitting in a circle.   Jesus introduces Lafayette to the coven of witches and the head witch wants to see Lafayette and tells him that a person named Eddie has a rose for him.  Lafayette asks why would he want a rose and she grabs his hand and starts to talk reveal something that scared Lafayette.

They go over to Arlene‘s house and her new baby (Mikey) is on the floor and the baby has decapitated all his barbie dolls.  Terry comes in and Arlene is upset because the baby has done that.   Terry says he is a good boy, but Arlene is upset.  Arlene tells Mikey she loves him but he needs to know killing is wrong.

Next scene Tara is cage fighting a girl and has won.   The girl who Tara fought in the cage fight is Tara’s lover.  They are kissing outside the place and a man is watching and offers them money for sex.  Tara tells him he is sad and she is reporting him for solicitation.  Lafayette sends Tara a message while she is making out with her girlfriend and tells her Sookie is alive.  Tara lies to her girlfriend and says her grandmother has died.

Then we are over at Jessica and Hoyt‘s.  Hoyt just gets home from work and says he is starving.   He goes into the fridge and there is nothing.  Hoyt is annoyed because there is no food in prepared.  Jessica tells him she hates human food it is all dead.  For her going to the Piggly Wiggly is like going to the morgue.  They proceed to argue about her not cooking.

Meanwhile we are back with Sookie and Jason is spending the evening with her.   He tells her having her back is the happiest day of her life.  Sookie tells him she is going to call the people who bought the house and try to get the house back.

Over at Fantasia, Pam is filming a video to encourage people to come to the bar.   Pam is not getting it right and they are frustrated.  They tell Eric it is a post Russell world and they are winning humans back one smile at a time.  They tell Eric it would be better if he does the c0mmercial.  Eric is fabulous doing it.  His best line is “Who would you prefer to trust a politician or a vampire” Bill is also speaking to people and opening a building with Portia Bellefleur Andy’s sister.

Sookie heads over to Merlottes and sees all her friends Arlene, Lafayette and Same.  Lafayette tells Sookie that Tara has moved away.  Sam asks her what vampire business was she gone on that she did not tell her.  Sam tells her lots has happened and a lot has changed.

Jason has found out that Andy is addicted to vampire blood (V).  Andy heads over to Merlottes and tries to get Lafayette to give him some V.  He gets rough and Jason stops him.  Maxine, Hoyt’s mother shows up and is eating with Tommy, Sam’s brother.

Portia Bellefleur comes to the bar and is talking to Sookie she has tracked down the buyer of the bar but they have a  P.O. box and she tells her that Sookie knows her rate.   Sookie proceeds to read her mind and the nasty things she is saying.  Portia wonders if Sookie will crawl back to Bill.

Jessica and Hoyt are at a bar and Jessica is dancing very provocatively by herself and Hoyt is at the bar.    It looks like they are going to make Jessica promiscuous this season.  A guy walks up to her and you can tell Jessica has forgotten about Hoyt and want the guy.  I see trouble for Hoyt and Jessica.   Jessica is looking at all the fang-bangers in the bar.  Pam calls her on it but Jessica denies it.

Sam is at an anger management class, he is telling them when he shot his brother he knew it was wrong.   He tells the group he loves getting drunk with the group.  We soon find out the group is a bunch of shape shifters and they turn into horses and they go running.

Jason arrives at the panther people and brings a truckload of food to them.  It seems like Crystal is away and Jason is talking care of all the people.   They tell Jason the freezer is broken and when he goes to look into it one of the guys pushes him in and they lock him in the freezer.

Meanwhile Lafayette is back at the with cover and the head the coven is crying over her dead bird, Minerva.   They are holding hands and the head witch is chanting and trying to bring the bird back alive.  The other members say they did not learn to do this.  But they all hold hands and the bird/parrot I guess comes back alive and then is dead again.  Then Lafaette says “he is story the bird is still dead” and she says it does not matter.

We find out Bill is now the “King of Louisiana” .  Back at Sookie’s house she is taking off her clothes and Eric turns up.  Sookie asks how is he there she rescinded his invitation.  He tells her she does not own the house.  Eric tells her he bought the house and now Sookie is his.  She looks scared and then he says “Sookie you are mine” his teeth come out and the show is over.   A lot happened tonight – they were here, there and everywhere!

Come back next week and watch our recap!  Let us know what you think of tonight’s show?  Celeb Dirty Laundry wants to know!