Two And A Half Men Season 9 Episode 7 ‘Those Fancy Japanese Toilets’ Recap 10/31/11

Two And A Half Men Season 9 Episode 7 'Those Fancy Japanese Toilets' Recap 10/31/11

Tonight an all new episode of Two and a Half Men airs on ABC.  The episode is called ‘Those Fancy Japanese Toilets.’  I cannot believe we are still watching the show, but I guess we are a glutton for punishment.  The show is not picking up, it gets worse and worse each week.  If it last another season it will be a miracle or Chuck Lorre’s stubbornness not allowing himself to lose.   They need to stay consistent, it seems every week they are switching gears and cannot decide what to do with Ashton Kutcher’s character Walden.

On last week’s show Bridget had Walden served divorce papers but forgets his depression when he meets a new woman who looks just like her.  If you missed last week’s episode you can read our official recap here!

Official recap for tonight’s episode “Jake has a crush on his chemistry tutor, who has a crush on Walden.  Meanwhile, Alan obsesses over the journal his brother left him in his will.”  The guest cast tonight on the show is Macey Cruthird (Megan).

Tonight’s episode: In tonight’s episode, Jakes develops a crush on his Japanese tutor and no surprise with the way the show is going lately (ya know, it’s all about Walden), the tutor has a crush on Walden. Meanwhile, Alan has Charlie’s journal that he left him in his will and he is fascinated with it.

Alan’s mom, Evelyn gives him a journal that Charlie left in a safety deposit box for him. Evelyn tells Alan that he is now her only and favorite son, he has all her attention until Walden walks in and his mom forgets him completely with which Alan comments “with a mom like mine it’s lucky I’m not a transsexual on Dancing With The Stars

Evelyn tells Walden that she is so happy that he surfs for something other than porn. Walden tells Evelyn that he is looking to redecorate. and she asks him what he is about to get an idea of what to do for him and he tells her he has a butt load of money, she doesn’t hear the rest.

Alan is reading Charlie’s journal, Berta tells him that she is thinking of writing her own memoirs of Charlie called “Man Whore”. Jake is getting tutored and starts hitting on his tutor when Walden walks in and his tutor, Megan is immediately enamoured with him.

Jake reminds Megan that if Walden hooks up with he will land up in jail.

Alan is still reading Charlie’s journal when Jake walks in and tells him that Walden has to go, he’s stealing her girlfriend. Alan tells him if it makes him feel better, he feels his own mother likes Walden more than him.

Evelyn arrives and tells Alan that she is helping “Young Thor” to redecorate and the only thing she wants to pull out of his pants, is his wallet. Walden calls Evelyn up to his bedroom and among other things, he tells her he wants a fancy Japanese toilet. Evelyn asks him if he would like to keep the camera, she turns it on and Walden is shocked and happy to see that he has one in his bedroom. Evelyn asks him what kind of woman is he attracted to, he says his wife and Ellen DeGeneres, something about those pants turn him on.
The next morning Berta finds Alan still reading the journal, Jake walks in and gets the plunger explaining he just took a huge dump.

Jake is again with his tutor and Walden walks in, she totally hits on him and she is dressed a lot differently than yesterday, a lot prettier. When Megan can’t get what she can from Walden, she smooches with Jake and goes to his bedroom with him.

Alan meets up with Walden in the garage and warns him that his mom is a cougar and he should be careful, she is a sexual predator but she hurts like a little girl. Walden gets in his uber rich electric car and backs out of the drive way to meet up with Evelyn to go over the decorating. At the end of their meeting, Evelyn invites Walden into her home and when Walden is apprehensive, she says she has no carnal instincts towards him and enters the house for a drink.

Walden and Evelyn end up in bed, Walden asks if she is going to tell anyone and she says she’s going to tell everyone.

Alan is still reading the journal and finds out that on occasion his brother missed him and he comes to the realization that his brother loved him. He reads further to find out that the new Cartier watch his mother was wearing, actually belonged to Charlie, she told Alan it was a knock off. Jake is at the door saying goodbye to his tutor and tells her, she was great. Walden gets back home and meets Alan in the kitchen, dancing all over the conversation and when he leaves the room Alan says “Yeah he did her”. Jake sees Walden and gives him a big hug and tells him he loves him (he probably got some).

That’s it another show over.  What did you think?