Watch Rihanna’s World Premiere Video for S&M Here!

Watch Rihanna's World Premiere video for S&M Here!

Rihanna has unveiled her new music video for her song ‘S&M‘ and it is her raunchiest video ever.  Rihanna is seen in bondage and as a dominatrix.   There are scenes of bondage, chains, whips and lots of skin.  Dressed as a dominatrix she simulates having sex with a doll.  Although she has always denied she dresses provocatively in this video she leaves little to the imagination prancing around in stiletto heals and a rubber dress.  In one seen she is seen being suggestive with a banana – pretending it is a penis.  In another scene she is kissing a woman on the lips that she has placed in bondage and in yet another she is wearing thigh-high flesh-coloured latex stockings and towering Stiletto heels while she gyrates on top of a man who has been strapped to a mattress.

The video is basically a fetish video. Rihanna is raising the bar while Rihanna’s peers and rivals led by Lady GaGa is always out there over the top with this S&M video Rihanna has tied up her competition by going further than any leading pop star to date.  In many jurisdictions this video would be classified as hard core pornography and absolutely forbidden.

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