7 Days of Sex Recap: Season 1 Episode 8 ‘Dempsey/Zalvidar’ 6/21/12

7 Days of Sex Recap: Season 1 Episode 8 ‘Dempsey/Zalvidar’ 6/21/12

Tonight on LIFETIME is an all new episode of 7 Days of Sex. On tonight’s show Bobbi Jo and Paul will try to spice their marriage up without getting interrupted by the children who sleeping directly right across the hall. The Zaldivars romance is gone back to the back burner because Joel is preoccupied with his aspiring acting career which only leaves Sara all alone at home to care for their two children.

On last week’s episode Victoria and Mike had been married 22 years and were headed for a split. Dean and Tanya had been married for five years and the sex was over.  Both couples agree to have sex for seven days in a row, then either stick together or pull the plug.

Dean and Tanya Davis are a really fun couple.  Their interactions are really fun and it’s hard to believe that they will split.  Let’s move forward to day six, Tanya is surprised Mike by having sex in the car.  They are in a parking garage trying to feel as spontaneous and free as they did years ago.

It’s an interesting concept- how sex really either makes or breaks a relationship.  These two couples couldn’t possibly be more different but this experiment did pull them together. On day seven both couples renewed their vows. If you missed the episode, you can read the full recap here.

Stay tuned for our live coverage of the show tonight at 10PM EST! Meanwhile, while you wait hit the comments and let us know what you think of Season 1 of “7 Days of Sex” so far!

RECAP: Bobbi Jo and Paul 12 year marriage is in the toilet due to juggling a bunch of kids.  Sarah and Joel are together and already they live separate lives.  Both couples are trying a challenge, have 7 for seven days in a row and revaluate the state of things.

Sarah freely admits to resenting Joel for making everything but her, a priority.  Bobbi and Paul blame the kid’s constant presence for their lack of sex.  She is terrified of the idea of the kids catching them so that puts a damper on things too.

On day one we find Sarah at home alone with the kids.  Joel has an audition which makes him late and this guy comes across as very arrogant.  He tries to break her down by bringing her ice cream.  Meanwhile Paul is in his mancave telling his buddies what this challenge entails.  He reassures the guys that he won’t be taking time off of work to have sex.  The kids do interrupt them twice but they still manage a quickie.

Day 2 and Paul decides to take Paul decides to take Bobbi to the hardware store with him.  He has a surprise for her, a lock for the bedroom door.  She hates the idea because she thinks it’ll cause anxiety for their five year old son.  These two have a really hard time being parents because after one in the morning their son is still awake, in their bed.  Sarah thinks it’s a good day for Joel to take his son to the park so she can catch a break.  He actually says the park trip “wasn’t as bad” as he thought it’d be!

On day 3 Bobbi decides she want Paul to do something romantic for her.  Of course, he orders tulips for her and leaves them at the restaurant for her.  Joel decides he needs Sarah to dig deep to find some of the affection she once felt for him.  She tries to hug and kiss him but it looks a bit awkward.

Day four is the halfway point here.  Bobbi and Paul are heading out to a workshop to help them spice up their sex life.  He loved the work shop and she felt pretty uncomfortable.  Sarah decides to workout with Joel and books an hour with her trainer husband.  She wants to get her body back after having two kids.  Strange, I’m looking at a size two woman on my tv.

Day five and Joel decides to reward Sarah with a spa day, well, until he gets called on an audition.  She says he always screws her over when he says he’ll do something nice. Instead he brings home dinner.  Meanwhile over at Bobbi and Paul’s he surprises her with charms for a bracelet that she wanted and of course, he gets lucky.  On day six Sarah and Joel take a ballroom lesson that reminds them of their chemistry and Bobbi decides to willingly lock doors for Paul.

Finally day seven rolls around and both couples need to evaluate whether of not seven days of sex helped them.  Sarah thinks it has helped because Joel is now spending more time with the family.  He promises to be more responsible at home.  She promises to be more affectionate and to actually have sex with him.

Paul and Bobbi are thrilled because they are more emotionally connected because of the physical intimacy.  They are going to look for the balance and make more time for each other, not just the kids.  In the end this week’s challenge has definitely helped both couples to truly reconnect.

The end!



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