American Idol 2012 Recap: Season 11 ‘Top 12 Women Perform’ 2/29/12

American Idol 2012 Recap: Season 11 ‘Top 12 Women Perform’ 2/29/12

American Idol returns tonight for the second of three parts this week. Tonight the top 12 women will perform and on Thursday it will be the results show.  Stand by as we live blog the show with all the up-to-the-minute results.  After the ladies perform tonight the public will vote for their favorites.

The ladies really need to bring their game tonight since Thursday night the field of 25 will reportedly cut to just 13 performers.  There are rumors circulating that a 13th lady will be added tonight – but Celeb Dirty Laundry has not confirmed that rumor.  If they do add a 13th girl who would you like to see CDLers?  Sound out in the comments below and let us know!

On last night’s show the men performed and prior to the performance the contestants drew up a list of songs to sing, from which the producers made the final choice. I can believe it,  I felt too many songs just didn’t feel like the contestants chose them.

The ladies performing tonight are:  Baylie Brown; Brielle Von Hugel; Chelsea Sorrell; Elise Testone; Erika Van Pelt; Haley Johnsen; Hallie Day; Hollie Cavanagh; Jennifer Hirsh; Jessica Sanchez; Shannon Magrane and Skylar Lane.

We will be live blogging ‘The Men’s Performances’ with all the up-to-the-minute details at 8 PM EST so make sure to come back to this spot and watch the show with us. Refresh often to get the latest updates!!

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RECAP: Last night was the boys and now tonight, we get to see what the girls can do. I’m hoping they bring back a wild card for the girls?

The girls have come on strong tonight and Randy thinks they were too soft on the boys last night, they gave some passes that weren’t deserved. The girls are coming out scorching tonight!

Chelsea Sorrell is good old country girl inspired by Carrie Underwood, so no surprise that her first song would be Carrie Underwood’s “Cowboy Cassanova”. I loved her, great voice!

Jennifer “this song made you sound a little nasally and it didn’t let everyone get to hear you, you need to loosen up and have your true voice come true”. Randy “you definitely can sing, you showed that at the end but I wonder if that was a good song choice”. Steven “I thought you sang good, but watch your timing”.

Erika Van Pelt is a DJ who is looking to be electric and can’t wait to belt it when she sings Hearts’ “What About Love”. Another great performance, the women are bringing it home tonight.

Steven “there is something magical about your confidence, it was beautiful”. Jennifer “you are one of our powerful voices, I feel like you could have gone further, next time let loose on us”. Randy “I love that you showed that confidence like Adele, if you DJ half as good as you sing, your dangerous”.

Jen Hirsh whose family owns a vineyard in California sings Adele’s “One And Only”. Not my favorite song choice for her, but she looked really pretty.

Steven “I love you and your voice, you have that swag and R&B, you are one of the greatest singers in this competition this year”. Jennifer “I thought it was beautiful, you did a really good job, I felt the feeling in the song”. Steven “There is something about confidence that makes a voice fly”.

Brielle Von Hugel is a cheerleader from Staten Island, because she is 17, she has her mom with her. She sings Otis Reddings’ “Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay”. Her rendition is horrible, the faces she is making are disturbing me and she’s swinging back and forth so much, she almost fell. I disagree with the judges on this one.

Steven “you did it, you have a good sense of the blues, well done”. Jennifer “people underestimate you, you are a true performer, you eat it up, the whole room, I love that”. Randy “when you were up there singing, I was a little worried but when you hit the middle of the song it was like wow, you surprised me that you had all that swag”.

Hallie Day is a waitress in Baltimore, she’s married and has the support of her husband as she sings Michael Buble’s “Feeling Good”. Wow, she was just awesome.

Jennifer “I felt like that had some really beautiful moments, you looked like a star, I felt you lost a little control but you got it back”. Steven “I think you are beautiful, your voice is great, nice going”. Randy “where do you see yourself, (she tells him R&B and soul) I was trippin’ a bit knowing where to fit you”.

Skylar Lane from a small town, her family owns general store and she looks forward to rocking it our with Faces’ “Stay With Me”. I wasn’t crazy about her outfit and I don’t know if this song showcased her voice to it’s fullest potential.

Randy “this is the first time we’ve had a rockin’ country girl on the show, it was wild and I loved your energy”. Jennifer “I love your energy, it was like Tina Turner went country, it was great”. Steven “you were on fire, you were a pistol, keep it up girl”.

Baylie Brown, another cheerleeder from Texas this time and she can’t wait to show us what she can do while singing Lonestar’s “Amaze”. She looked really pretty, but the singing was just ok.

Steven “I’ve heard you sing better, but I enjoyed it”. Jennifer “It just was a little bit shaky all the way through”. Randy “I think you just never seized control of the song,” Randy says, before saying that she looks amazing”.

Hollie Cavanagh is up next and singing Christina Aguilera’s “Reflection”. Surprised that they would let her sing one of their competitor’s from “The Voice” song. She has control problems and mumbles her lyrics.

Steven “you hit your notes so perfectly and so right on that there was nothing left but passion”. Jennifer thinks that Hollie has a strong enough voice to win this. Randy “It wasn’t all perfect tonight, but the parts that were brilliant were genius”.

Haley Johnsen has decided to sing the Eurythmics’ “Sweet Dreams”. She does a theatrical spin on Annie Lennox and she’s really, really shouty.

Jennifer “I hope America could hear all of the special things you were doing with her voice, I’m not sure that the song was a good choice, because it’s such a well known song”. Steven “you pulled it through and I loved how you acted on stage”. Randy “It was a bit of a nightmare, instead of a dream. It was pitchy all over the place and it’s hard to do Annie Lenox”.

Shannon Magrane wants to show that she is a performer and not just a singer, she is singing Kathy Trocoli’s “Go Light Your World”. The performance is mostly getting louder and she raises her arms higher and higher, a religious feel.

Randy ” you came out swingin, you have so much promise and your calm and cool. I’m impressed with your vibrato and I’m a fan”. Jennifer “you sing with such passion for a 16-year-old, I got goosebumps”. Steven “it was beautiful and gorgeous”.

Jessica Sanchez had some voice issues this week, she sings Jennifer Hudson’s “I Love You (Perfect Man)”. She was awesome, loads of talent coming out of that voice.

Randy “you can really sing and your one of the best of the last two nights”. Jennifer “you’ve got the attitude and the moves. You are beyond your years”. Steven “exceptional timing and you voice is perfect.”

Elise Testone works out everyday and is looking forward to being exposed, she sings Adele’s “One And Only”. She was ok, not one of the best from tonight.

Steven “I’m proud of you, you blew it out of the water, nice going”. Jennifer “what impressed me the most, the emotion, I hope America got it because you are one to watch. Randy “I hope America gets you, you are one of the best voices here, you have this bluesy, smoky flavour. Not your best performance but it was still great”.

Time to turn it over to you at home, did you enjoy the women? I thought they were much better than the men last night, even the song choices were better overall. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow night for our full official recap and find out who are the first to head home and have their dreams end on Idol’s stage.