American Idol 2012 Recap: Season 11 ‘Top 7 Results Show’ 4/12/12

American Idol 2012 Recap: Season 11 'Top 7 Results Show' 4/12/12

Tonight is another American Idol Results show and after tonight we will bid goodbye to another competitor and we will be down to our Top 6 – we are getting close to crowing our American Idol!  The finale is only a month away and all las night’s finalists want to be on that stage in May.   Stand by as we live blog the results show with all the up-to-the-minute details.

On last night’s performance episode the Top 7 took on songs from this decade (2010, 2011, 2012).  The remaining contestants got some help from guest mentor R&B artist Akon.   The contestants also got some more fashion advice from Tommy Hilfiger so they could look their best.

On last night’s show Joshua Ledet and Elise Testone were the winners for me.  I don’t think Hollie Cavanagh is going to make it another week and I don’t think the judges are going to save her.  What do you think?  Which Idol’s dream do you think will end tonight?  Hit the comments and let us know your predictions.  If you missed last night’s episode you can read our full and detailed recap here!

On tonight’s show American Idol alumni Jennifer Hudson,  with Ne-Yo and Rick Ross will perform their new single, “Think Like a Man” and James Durbin will return to the Idol stage to perform his new song, “Higher Than Heaven.”

We will be live blogging ‘The Results Show’ with all the up-to-the-minute details at 8 PM EST so make sure to come back to this spot and watch the show with us. Refresh often to get the latest updates!!

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RECAP: Tonight there will be a HUGE shocker when one of the favorites to win the competition will be given the boot. Will the judges use their “save” on the Idol hopeful? There will be a lot of shock and awe, stay tuned as one more Idol dream goes into the danger zone.

Hollie and Jessica are called up to the stage first to find out their fate. Jimmy thinks this is a case of two very good technical singers, Hollie has learned a lot of habits that make her stiff and Jessica has habits that make her seem natural. After the Nationwide vote, Hollie has to start a group on the right side of the stage. Jessica starts a group on the left side of the stage. What does it all mean? We won’t find out until James Durbin sings.

Next up, it’s time for Phillip and Elise, here we go. Jimmy calls these two singer/song writers, they have sole and the lyrics is part of the other thing they do. Jimmy thinks Phillip is in the bottom three and he thinks that Elise did not quite do enough to get herself out of the bottom three. Phillip has to go join Hollie on the right side of the stage, Elise joins Jessica on the other side of the stage. So this is what we have, Hollie and Phillip are in one group and Jessica and Elise in the other, the drama is far from over.

Ryan Seacrest is really stretching this one out tonight, before any more results are given, Jennifer Hudson and Ne-Yo perform.

Colton and Joshua are called up center stage. Jimmy thinks both Joshua and Colton did well last night. Joshua’s song fit him like a glove, Colton looked at the camera and you believe him, Jimmy is in for both these singers tonight. Joshua has to go stand with Jessica and Elise, Colton joins Hollie and Phillip on the other side of the stage. There are two groups and one lone contestant still sitting on the couches, Skylar. Jimmy thinks Skylar is someone who could just get left behind in the competition because she is subtle in a lot of things. Furthermore, Jimmy thinks the bottom three are Phillip, Elise and Hollie. Ryan tells Skylar that she is the first contestant that is safe, he wants her to pick the group that is safe, she won’t but he puts her with the group that is safe, Phillip, Colton and Hollie.

Skylar Laine is SAFE
Phillip Phillips is SAFE
Colton Dixon is SAFE
Hollie Cavanagh is SAFE

Joshua Ledet is in the BOTTOM THREE
Jessica Sanchez is in the BOTTOM THREE
Elise Testone is in the BOTTOM THREE

After the nationwide vote, Joshua is safe. It’s between Elise and Jessica, one will sing for the save. The person at risk of leaving us tonight, is Jessica, Elise is safe. In an Idol first, the three judges got up on stage and tell Jessica to get off the stage, they are saving her. Randy says that Jessica is one of the best singers in America.  Do you agree with the judges? Should they have used their one and only save on Jessica this evening? Sound off your comments below and we love to hear from our readers.