American Idol 2012 Season 11 ‘Top 7 Results Show’ Part 2 Recap 4/19/12

American Idol 2012 Season 11 'Top 7 Results Show' Part 2 Recap 4/19/12

Tonight is another American Idol Results show – we are in Round 2 of the ‘Top 7’  After the shocking result show last week where Jessica Sanchez ended up in the bottom-the remaining finalists were singing for their lives last night, and delivered some great performances. If you missed any of the performances you can see all the videos here!  Stand by as we live blog the results show with all the up-to-the-minute details.

After tonight’ Results Show we will bid goodbye to another competitor and we will be down to our Top 6.  Following last week’s American Idol Result show and Jessica being voted out and then saved by the judges – it is clear no one is safe.  On last night’s show we got a double dose of Idol when the contestants performed two songs. The theme for the show was Now and Then. The “singers” had to pick a #1 hit song from 2000-2012 and then sing an older soul song.  If you missed last night’s episode you can read our full and detailed recap here.

Tonight is round 2 of the Top 7 result show and at least one contestant will be send home tonight.  There’s only one save a season and the judges used it last week for Jessica Sanchez . Consequently tonight, someone will be leaving for sure. So who will get voted off American Idol 2012 on the elimination results show this week?  Will Jessica be safe this week? Will Elise Testone or Joshua Ledet end up in the Bottom 3 again?  Hit the comments and let us know what you think.

Tonight’s show will feature performances by LMFAO singing their hit “Sorry for Party Rocking,” and Season 8 winner Kris Allen performing his new single, “The Vision of Love.”

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RECAP: There are no more chances tonight, no more saves because the fight to the finish line is officially on. Tonight we find out who will be leaving the stage when the top seven goes down to six.

Ryan gets started right away, he calls Joshua and Hollie up on stage first. Jimmy thinks Joshua did good last night and stayed in his sweet spot, Hollie came out of her shell last night but Jimmy still thinks she will be in the bottom three even though she took giant steps. After 53 million votes, Joshua is safe. Hollie is next, she is the first person in the bottom three tonight.

Former American Idol contestant, Taylor Hicks introduces season 8 winner Kris Allen who performs his new single, “The Vision of Love.” Taylor also announces that he will be playing Vegas this summer.

Now we get back to more results, Skylar and Elise are called up on stage. Jimmy thinks Skylar delivered and Elise fell flat. Because of Elise’s choice of singing “Let’s Get It On’, Jimmy thinks she is going to go in the bottom three tonight. Elise tells Ryan that she feels the judges are hard on her, he reads the votes and she is in the bottom three. Skylar gets to go sit down as well, but beside Joshua, she is safe.

Ryan plays tribute to legendary Disk Clarke with a video showcasing his career from American Bandstand to Dick clark’s Rockin’ Eve.

Before we get any more results, LMFAO rocks the stage with stuffed zebras, singing their hit “Sorry for Party Rocking.

Three more are called on stage, Phillip, Colton and Jessica. Ryan gives a little peak of behind the scenes last night, when the judges weren’t too thrilled with Colton’s performance he said, “I don’t want to sound cocky or anything, but I don’t care”. (wow, that is cocky, what a jerk) Jimmy had a light come on last night, Jessica was singing songs that were too old for her, the younger ones are better. Jimmy thinks Phillip did a great job with the Usher song last night, Colton’s “Bad Romance” was all wrong, the look, the song, everything and he’s disappointed. Jimmy goes on to say that Phillip deserves to be in the top, but Jessica and Colton will have to work harder if they want to be there. Jessica was at risk of elimination last week, tonight she is safe. The person at risk of leaving the stage tonight is Colton, Phillip is safe.

Joshua Ledet is SAFE

Skylar Laine is SAFE

Jessica Sanchez is SAFE

Phillip Phillips is SAFE

Hollie Cavanagh is in the BOTTOM THREE

Elise Testone is in the BOTTOM THREE

Colton Dixon is in the BOTTOM THREE

Ryan calls Elise over and tells her it is going to be rough, because she is going to have to watch one of her friends go home, she is safe. Either Hollie or Colton will continue with their Idol journey, it is Hollie, which means Colton is going home.

Colton Dixon is ELIMINATED

The end!