Jennifer Lopez Keeps Locals Away By Renting A Public Beach For Herself

Jennifer Lopez Keeps Locals Away By Renting A Public Beach For Herself

Jenny from the Block is now Jenny with her own beach. Jennifer Lopez actually bought herself a public beach for the day over the Easter weekend. Locals in Long Beach, California had to find somewhere else to hang out and catch a wave because the singer and her toyboy Casper Smart decided to take the twins out for a bit of sunshine on Saturday.

According to TMZ...The American Idol judge forked out nearly $1,000 to have the sand and sea all to herself. She had the exclusive use of 3,400 feet of shoreline. Buoys were even set up in the water so she didn’t have to share her day at the beach with any member of the public. Gates to the public beach were also locked in case any riff raff wanted to join in.

So while J-Lo, Casper and the kids mucked around on jet skis with their own private wakeboard instructor the locals had to find another stretch of beach to enjoy. Families who usually frequent Marine Beach were not impressed. Why should a celebrity be able to pay $925 to the City of Long Beach and basically have the laws changed for 24 hours?

It prompts the question – should the rich and famous be able to buy privacy in a public area? And – why is there one set of rules for them and one set of rules for everybody else? What do you reckon? Is J-Lo taking her celebrity status one step too far?

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