Andy Cohen Physically Attacked at Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion!

Andy Cohen Physically Attacked at Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion!

The Real Housewives of Orange County filmed the Season 7 Reunion on Tuesday, and from the look of their tweets, things got pretty crazy!

“Reunion is getting heated ladies!” Heather Dubrow tweeted. Asked how it was going later on, Heather responded, “CRAZY!”  “And holy cow!!!! It’s CRAZY here…first year animals are involved!!!!” tweeted Alexis Bellino.

Having not seen the reunion yet, one can not say for certain who was fighting and who got along, but apparently, it was not just cast members involved in whatever “crazy” chaos transpired during the day-long filming. “Andy was attacked…” reveals Tamra Barney, referring to the show’s host, Andy Cohen. “Stay tuned for the unexpected.”

It is not clear exactly who attacked Andy, but apparently, it was not Tamra! Asked if she managed to stay calm, Tamra responded with a surprising “Yes. [You] will be shocked!”

Judging by the above tweets from Alexis and Heather, it is unlikely that they are the ones who attacked Andy.

So among the Housewives, that leaves Gretchen Rossi, Sarah Winchester and Vicki Gunvolson as the potential attackers. It is unclear if the husbands and boyfriends of the Housewives were in attendance, but if so, it is also possible that one of them attacked Andy. It is also possible that the attacker was an intruder who is not part of the cast.

Who do you suspect attacked Andy?

4 responses to “Andy Cohen Physically Attacked at Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion!”

  1. Alexis is clearly not getting the point on what the girls were tying to tell her. She needs look back and see and actually hear the things she says… example.. when she was in the car with Heather and naming all of her cars.. Who the hell cares? It makes her look like and act like she is throwing her “wealth” in peoples faces. None of the other ladies (if you want to call them that) do that. and Alexis’ ring. It is a fake because you don’t want to wear “your real one” because you’re afraid it will get stolen. I don’t think your husband can afford to buy you a real one. if you do have a real one wear it.. I doubt someone is going to walk up to you and rip the thing off your finger especially with so many people around you. The other girls have rocks and I don’t see them getting their fingers broken because someone is trying to take it. Get real Alexis.. you are phony… stop trying so hard to impress everyone or try to fit in, The harder you try the dumber you look

  2. BevManecke says:

    Tamra is a bully and needs to go.gretchen is a trader. and heather seems obsessed with the bellinos.tamra has deep issues and it goes much deeper than lexie gretchen jeana and lynn.some one said it would be heather next season.tamra is insecure and very mean and sneaky.

  3. BevManecke says:

    Tamra needs to go.she has deep does go much deeper than alexis gretchen jeana and lynn.

  4. Tiffches says:

    Andy loves Vicki. Just like he did Jill Zarin and still does the manzos and Gorgas. I wish he would have asked Vicki about the letter she wrote and tried to get the others to write to get Alexsis kicked off the show. Of course, he won’t. He is never hard on Vicki.