Report: Angelina Jolie Fears Brad Pitt Back On Drugs – Calls Off Wedding!

Report: Angelina Jolie Fears Brad Pitt Back On Drugs – Calls Off Wedding!

When I think of Hollywood heartthrobs I think of George Clooney and Matt Damon. I used to put Brad Pitt in that category but not anymore. Brad looks worse for wear in his new Chanel No. 9 commercials. He looks glassy eyed, out of it and tired. His sparkling blue eyes have dulled, his complexion is ashy. Even his voice has changed from seductive to gravely. Chanel clearly thinks Brad’s sex appeal will sell perfume, but with this performance they will be lucky to make back any of the $7 million dollars they paid him. Something has clearly changed with Brad.  His past has come back to haunt him.

The National Enquirer is reporting that Brad has walked out on fiancé Angelina Jolie after a fight about wedding plans. Angelina is worried that Brad is back on drugs and also abusing alcohol. She once had a problem with drugs but has left those dark days behind. “Even though Brad denies up and down that he’s still using drugs, Angie is convinced that he’s secret­ly abusing pot and possibly other drugs behind her back,” revealed a source.

Angie is also paranoid that Brad will cheat on her. A little Jeniffer Aniston fear? It would be great to see Angie get back some of her own! “Angie’s worried that future Chanel ads will pair Brad with young, sexy model types and he’ll be tempted to stray,” said the source. “Her insecurity is nothing new, but her paranoia has ramped up lately because Brad has been somewhat distant. She’s always thinking he’s hiding something from her. She knows from first-hand experience that when Brad gets bored in a re­lationship, he looks for stimulation elsewhere.”

So all in all things are looking bleak for Angelina and Brad’s wedding chances.




One response to “Report: Angelina Jolie Fears Brad Pitt Back On Drugs – Calls Off Wedding!”

  1. pirategirl says:

    If I want a dose of negativity, I’ll watch the evening news!!! Be-lieving anything written in The National Enquirer is risky, at best. Over the years, if you’ve kept track…various tabloids have had Brad and Angelina splitting up, secretly married, pregnant, adopting again, in rages of jealousy, on drugs, as alcoholics, with Gay partners, in blissful joy, and anything else you can think of. Brad (and Angelina) sell magazines, and much else. How do these so-called “sources” know what goes on behind the closed doors of the Jolie-Pitt family?
    As for Brad’s Chanel ads…keep one thing in mind – Brad did not write the ads, they were someone else’s concept. Brad just did what he was asked to do – deliver a monolog. You find fault with his eyes, his complexion and his voice. The ad is not in color or even black-and-white – it does not do him justice.
    However, I differ with your evaluation – his direct eye contact with the camera is personal and penetrating, his voice is mature and VERY sexy. He’d could sell me ANYTHING!
    As for your wish that “Angelina would get some of her own back” if Brad cheated – ouch! Not nice. Apparently Angelina thinks Brad is sexy enough to appeal to younger models…or she would not be worried!
    I’m rather fond of that old saying “If you can’t say something nice….don’t say anything at all.” The world will be a better place.