Angelina Jolie Admits To Cheating On Brad Pitt – Relationship Doomed (Photo)

Angelina Jolie Admits Cheating On Brad Pitt – Relationship Doomed (Photo)

Brad Pitt has reacted with shock and rage as Angelina Jolie has admitted to her partner that she cheated on him repeatedly with one of her ex-lovers.  To make matters even worse, Angelina confessed that she still gets together with her ex-lover whenever his is town.  Brad has reacted by threatening to end their relationship while Angelina is pleading for him to reconsider for their children’s sake.

Angelina made this horrid confession to Brad recently and was crushed when he responded that if it wasn’t for their kids, he’d be long gone!  The secret source added:  “Angie has secretly been plagued with that fear for nearly two years — but to actually hear Brad say it cut her to pieces.”

Brad was made even more irate by the fact that Angelina has always gone ballistic at the mere mention of Jenifer Aniston’s name!  Talk about a double standard…

This amazing piece of news is covered in Star Magazine which also reveals:  Jennifer Aniston is Finally Pregnant and Marrying Justin Theroux (Photo)

Hollywood Life reports on the Star cover story:  In late March, Brad, 48, spent a week in France overseeing work on the couple’s mansion, while Angelina, 36, stayed back in L.A. with their children. During their time apart, a source tells Star that “Angelina had been doing some soul-searching lately about her life and their relationship, and while Brad was away, she decided that letting go of all her secrets would be the healthiest thing she could do.”

The couple had a heart-to-heart in their kitchen when Brad returned from his trip, but Angie’s honesty led to a full-fledged blowout. “Angie admitted that in 2005, during the first year she and Brad were together after he left his wife, Jennifer Aniston, she was also having a relationship behind Brad’s back with one of her ex-lovers,” reveals a source. “It may have gone further than she intended at that time because they shared such a deep emotional connection.”

What’s worse — Angie admitted that she still gets together with the ex whenever they’re both in L.A. “Brad was stunned — and he felt deceived,” explained the source. While Angie has always prided herself on remaining friends with her exes, including actors Jonny Lee Miller and Billy Bob Thornton, the source claimed she’d always “hit the roof if Brad ever so much as mentioned Jen, let alone got together with her.”

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Will Brad and Angelina make it through this crisis?  Who is the ex-lover that Angelina fooled around with behind Brads back?  What do you think?  Let us know in the comments below.

17 responses to “Angelina Jolie Admits To Cheating On Brad Pitt – Relationship Doomed (Photo)”

  1. Yo' Mama says:

    If you are going to post articles, you may want to hire a better EDITOR, or learn to PROOF READ before you post.

  2. Mickey6pack says:

    most likely her brother

  3. cbinatl says:

    I kinda suspected this all along. If Brad did it with you he will do it to ya. I figured if they did not get married within  two years after Brad’s and Angelina’s divorces were final, they would not get married.Now it looks as if they won’t get married.Although, they have children together, there is no guarantee of marriage or if you have children with someone there is no guarantee they will stay with you.I hate it for the children

  4. patd562 says:


  5. Surfing says:

    Geez what a load of made up crap. When would she even have the time? Partner, 6 kids, director, acting, ambassador, travels nonstop. She doesn’t even have time to eat!

    • Me23 says:

      he’s working, she’s “working”, the nannies take care of the kids, and she chooses not to eat… plenty of celebrities find the time to cheat. 

  6. cbinatl says:

    How could Angelina be betrayed? she was the mistress in all this. Well she must understand Brad still has feelings for Jennifer even if they are divorced-Jennifer was the one who filed after Brad was cheating on her with Angelina and she is so jealous of the fact Brad still cares for Jennifer.He probably regrets ever getting with Angelina.Well, Jennifer has moved on and Angelina needs to do the same. I would think Brad and Angelina would be married by now, but I guess neither of them trust the other to be married?

  7. JEAN2845 says:

    i’ve lost all respect for Angie and Brad.  What Brad did to Jennifer he deserves Angie who doesn’t care about anyone else but herself.   How can anyone give qualitity attention to all those children  they adopted and bring them up to be respectable adults. I don’t care how much money you have you watch those kids will be in alot of trouble asthey get older.  In and out or rehap constantly.

  8. Krilly says:

    I hope they make it. Brad is getting what he deserves but I hope his heart is big enough to forgive. Hell, I cried when he left Jen for her. You would have thought they were relatives; however, he has a boatload of babies with Angie and he’s professed this earth shattering love for her, so, like I said, I hope he can forgive….btw, it may not even be true. LOL!

  9. Sure says:

    OMG!  If it is in Star Magazine IT MUST BE TRUE.  Get a clue folks.  These people sit around and make crap up.

  10. Bill says:

    She’s a skank, Jenifer was the real deal!

  11. Yeah, right.  Star Magazine drums up this story for ratings, and then less than a week later, Brad and Angelina are FINALLY engaged (CONFIRMED as TRUE I might add), after all these years.  Which story do you believe?  Do you think the cheating confession prompted the engagement?  Highly doubtful ….

  12. Gina Guillotine says:

    Huh.  Never heard of any of these people…

  13. Bobbi Clark says:

    Well, news is she’s been seeing Billy Bob again..whenever Brad is out of town..SHE cheated with Brad while HE was married, why wouldn’t she cheat when she’s with him??