Angelina Jolie Disgusted: Madonna’s Voice And Music Makes Her Cringe

Angelina Jolie Disgusted: Madonna’s Voice And Music Makes Her Cringe

While there’s always been rumors of a feud between Madonna and Angelina Jolie, that hasn’t stopped the stunning actress from allowing her young girls to rock out to old school Madonna songs.

Madonna has always tried to follow Angie’s lead as a humanitarian, and even began taking her lead by adopting a few children from foreign countries.  I mean it’s not like Madonna doesn’t have enough fame going for her, but does she really want to be like Angie?  Well, I guess I would too – have you seen Angelina Jolie?

Sources from Angie’s camp told The National Enquirer Print Edition, September 3rd, that she thought Madge was just trying to fill out a persona, and in a really half-assed way.  While Angie tried to take the comments back, it was a bit too late.  The iciness remained for the better part of 6 or 7 years – but the pop star is still prevalent in Angie’s life – well her music is anyways.

“It’s no secret that Angie has never been a fan of Madonna’s acting, but her music really makes her cringe,” a source tells The Enquirer. “Growing up, Angie was more of a punk rocker and into new wave. Madonna’s bubble-gum pop sound and voice never appealed to her. To this day, Angie won’t listen to Madonna, but now she has to grin and bear it as her daughters blare Madonna classics.”

“Angie hopes this Madonna thing is just a phase her girls are going through because she’s about to snap… listening to Madonna’s music is like nails on a chalkboard for Angie.”

If Angie has such a problem with it, then who the heck introduced it to the girls in the first place?  And for god sake, bury the hatchet you two – it’s been years and is it really worth bitching over?  Just throw on some Like A Prayer and call a truce.  At least Angie doesn’t have to worry about the cougar queen going after Brad Pitt.  Madonna prefers that her boy toys be one-half her age.

Madonna performing live in concert at The Olympia in Paris, France on July 26, 2012

Photo Credit: CHP/FameFlynet

3 responses to “Angelina Jolie Disgusted: Madonna’s Voice And Music Makes Her Cringe”

  1. japes says:

    And Madonna doesnt like crackers all that much….that Richie charcter lucked out…she likes her men with flava and the pittster is like a piece of wonder bread. Id rather have a piece of Carlos Leon any day.

  2. rev says:

    madonna is a legend…the most famous woman alive…why would she ever copy anything that angie does? fill out a persona? i don’t even get it. Did angie jolie ever have girls dressing up like her? angie has not accomplished even a fraction of what madonna has and is nowhere close to the level of superstar that madonna is. I’m sorry but stealing someone’s husband and being featured in tabloids for it does not make one a star.does anyone call angelina jolie The Queen Of Movies? But Madonna is the Queen of Music. If Angie hates Madonna it’s because she is jealous.

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