Angelina Jolie Prevents Pax’s Natural Mom From Seeing Her Child

Angelina Jolie Prevents Pax’s Natural Mom From Seeing Her Child

Angelina Jolie Is terrified that she could lose her troubled son Pax to his biological mother, Pham Thu Dung.  Pax’s natural mother wants back in her son’s life, now that she has regained her sobriety, but Angelina is using her wealth and power to keep mother and son apart.  Angelina is deeply insecure and fears that Pax will want to return to his mom – she also fears that once Dung and Pax get together his biological mom could make a legal play to keep him.

Unlike wealthy Hollywood celebs, such as Brooke Mueller, who can afford to leave their children to the care of hired help and jet off to rehab, Pax’s mom had no such opportunity to deal with her drug issues.  Dung had to leave her son at the hospital not long after he was born.  Angelina adopted Pax from a Vietnamese orphanage when he was only 3-years-old and is now fighting Dung’s attempts to be part of her son’s life.  So much for Angelina’s much vaunted respect for her adopted children’s’ backgrounds and culture…

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Pax’s behaviour has deteriorated recently and the 8-year-old has been removed from his private school for assaulting another child.  “Brad and Angelina believe that Pax’s disruptive behavior is most likely related to the pain and abandonment of his formative years” according to an insider.  Could Angelina’s refusal to allow Pax to see his mother be the source of his increasingly violent tendencies?

According to the National Enquirer Print Edition of April 9th:

“Angelina is going through every adoptive mother’s worst nightmare,” said an insider.

Dung once vowed: “My dream is that one day he will come back and visit me and call me mother.”

Now clean of drugs, 34-year-old Dung has reached out to the adoption agency that placed Pax with the superstar couple and asked that she be reunited with her son.

“Angie nearly keeled over when she found out that Dung wants her to bring Pax to Vietnam meet his biological family,” said the source.

“She wailed to Brad,’ don’t let them take away my boy!”

Angelina and Brad should not prevent Pax from connecting with his biological mother and family.  Taking the family to Vietnam on vacation, as the Jolie-Pitts did last year, is not a close substitute for Pax connecting with his natural family.  Angelina is sowing the seeds for big problems in the future by keeping Pax’s mom out of his life now.

In many ways the adoption of children from impoverished foreign countries can be seen as an act of great kindness.  But it can also be seen as arrogant imperialism – or even as buying children.  What do you think?  Let us know in the comments below.