Angelina Jolie Prevents Pax’s Natural Mom From Seeing Her Child

Angelina Jolie Prevents Pax’s Natural Mom From Seeing Her Child

Angelina Jolie Is terrified that she could lose her troubled son Pax to his biological mother, Pham Thu Dung.  Pax’s natural mother wants back in her son’s life, now that she has regained her sobriety, but Angelina is using her wealth and power to keep mother and son apart.  Angelina is deeply insecure and fears that Pax will want to return to his mom – she also fears that once Dung and Pax get together his biological mom could make a legal play to keep him.

Unlike wealthy Hollywood celebs, such as Brooke Mueller, who can afford to leave their children to the care of hired help and jet off to rehab, Pax’s mom had no such opportunity to deal with her drug issues.  Dung had to leave her son at the hospital not long after he was born.  Angelina adopted Pax from a Vietnamese orphanage when he was only 3-years-old and is now fighting Dung’s attempts to be part of her son’s life.  So much for Angelina’s much vaunted respect for her adopted children’s’ backgrounds and culture…

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Pax’s behaviour has deteriorated recently and the 8-year-old has been removed from his private school for assaulting another child.  “Brad and Angelina believe that Pax’s disruptive behavior is most likely related to the pain and abandonment of his formative years” according to an insider.  Could Angelina’s refusal to allow Pax to see his mother be the source of his increasingly violent tendencies?

According to the National Enquirer Print Edition of April 9th:

“Angelina is going through every adoptive mother’s worst nightmare,” said an insider.

Dung once vowed: “My dream is that one day he will come back and visit me and call me mother.”

Now clean of drugs, 34-year-old Dung has reached out to the adoption agency that placed Pax with the superstar couple and asked that she be reunited with her son.

“Angie nearly keeled over when she found out that Dung wants her to bring Pax to Vietnam meet his biological family,” said the source.

“She wailed to Brad,’ don’t let them take away my boy!”

Angelina and Brad should not prevent Pax from connecting with his biological mother and family.  Taking the family to Vietnam on vacation, as the Jolie-Pitts did last year, is not a close substitute for Pax connecting with his natural family.  Angelina is sowing the seeds for big problems in the future by keeping Pax’s mom out of his life now.

In many ways the adoption of children from impoverished foreign countries can be seen as an act of great kindness.  But it can also be seen as arrogant imperialism – or even as buying children.  What do you think?  Let us know in the comments below.



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  1. Cthulhu33 says:

    When you adopt every child in the world, chances are someone will want one back.

    • Sonia says:

      NO! when you adopt 1 child. . . or 3 children as Angelina has, your expectation is that you are the parent. The chances are that you are the parent! The millions of adoptions that take place every year are in the best interest of parent and child (Vietnam is fairly strict). If the child’s mother is off of drugs, great for her. This gives her no more entitlement to a child that she was unable to care for and gave up. And I do wonder if Joe and Jane Smith from Kansas adopted her son, would she have any interest in him, and would anyone write a shallow and malicious article that undermines so many good families?

      • Its very judgmental to assume she only wants to see her son because of who adopted him. She’s a grieving mother who only wants to see the boy she raised til the age of three. It’s painful for all. I wish that people could be kinder. 

        • neil says:

           Save your “kind” wishes for Pax. Fact is most adults can never completely shake off their issues from childhood. How about the biological mother put aside her childhood issues in deference to his childhood issues, show some kindness and think what’s best for this still developing child?

        • Melody says:

           It says that she left him at the hospital “not long after he was born.” That’s not 3 yrs old

        • Lyne Dragon says:

          “Dung had to leave her son at the hospital not long after he was born.  Angelina adopted Pax from a Vietnamese orphanage when he was only 3-years-old.” They do not say what happened in between but it sounds like his mother never raised him at all.

        • Lumak says:

          No she did not raise him till 3 as u point out,The Article SAYS: Dung had to leave her son at the hospital not long after he was born!!! he was at an orphanage from birth till  3 ,hence people saying she had 3 years to clean up her act.

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  3. NotClarkKent says:

    I think it is likely that the only reason Pax’s biological mother is wanting to be in her biological’s son’s life is because unfortunately she has found out who the adoptive parents are.  Good for Angelina to deny her ..

  4. bonz says:

    Wow… you should really get facts and investigate before printing such a harmful story …no wonder he hate you folks…. leave the kids out of it…


    This is an irresponsible and ridiculous article.  When you adopt a child, it severs the bond between the biological mother and child.  Pax’s “mother” may have given birth to him, but she is not his mother.  Angelina is and she has the legal right to prevent him from meeting with and having any contact with whomever she pleases.  As for the insinuation that celebrities can hire nannies to raise kids while they sort out drug issues… that’s sort of the point.  It requires some income in order to be a good parent.  If you have issues and the wherewithall to get help and pay for someone to care for your kids while you do that, you’re lucky.  If you don’t, your parental rights might be terminated while you struggle with your eissues and neglect your kids.  Face facts and stop writing irresponsible articles.

    But what do I know… oh, THE LAW (attorney licensed in multiple states) and what do I have… EXPERIENCE working in the system!

    • Jody says:

      You seem overly sensitive about the issue of the parental rights of adoptive parents — and some of the points of the article (which you missed… ) were to suggest that rich entitled celebs BUY people and BUY their way out of their mistakes — often by hiring people just like you — while some income or wealth might be neccessary to parent effectively, it is not sufficient — biology can not be ignored when discussing the relationship between mother and child and your legal training, such as it is, does not qualify you to comment authoritatively on the subject.

      • ka says:

        You are an idiot and obviously someone who has NEVER dealt with a child who has been damaged by drug addicted/abusive parents.  Biology means nothing.  Anyone can make a baby.  It takes a strong person to raise a child. It takes a savior to raise someone else’s after they damaged it.  We aren’t talking about a piece of property, we are talking about a human who has emotions and the people who raise that child are responsible for it.  Take your kid to the trailer park, drop them off with the drug addicts and pick them up a few weeks later and ask them how they felt about their new “blood relatives”…..lets see what kind of issues ignorance can create.

        • Elizabeth says:

           I worked for a child protection agency and I agree with you.  Pax was in an orphanage for 3 YEARS before being adopted.  His mother had lots of time to clearn up her drug habit and try to get him back.  He was adopted five years ago, now the bio-mom wants to meet him?  Now she’s clean? The decision is entirely with the adoptive parents.  He may not benefit from meeting her now – he may find it very upsetting.

          • Jancuisine says:

             WRong, Elizabeth.  You obviously don’t talk to adoptees.  I’ve met adoptees still willing to meet their birth parents who are drug addicts and in prison.  You see, to know who you are is elemental to human beings. 

          • Cmtpip says:

            I fought with child services to get custody of my niece along with her sister because their mother was strung out on drugs. My niece was 15 JUST gave birth to a little boy while in custody of child protection agency but had another son when she was 14. So saying you work for a child agency really does not carry weight, I fought to get my niece sons from the agency that gave her children away because she was a minor in their custody, overlooking each of her children were fathered by foster fathers. So, yes I removed my nephews from these adoptive homes and I do try to keep their biological mother in their lives & my niece allows her youngest son uncles to be in his life. (her rapist was killed by his brother when he walked on him assaulting her)

            Each situation is different, Angelina stated she would keep in contact with his mother along with the family when they adopted Pax so she really should’ve kept up her end.

            Sometimes people just need a hand or support in Pax mother case she had to prove she was clean for a long time.

        • Jancuisine says:

           Why must you insult people?  I personally know of adoptees who still want to meet their parents even though they are in prison and drug addicts.  You will never know the pain of the adoptee and our drive to know who we are so you are the one displaying the ignorance.

        • Apparently ‘anyone’ cannot make a baby…….. barren, infertile women, women who need to fullfil their own selfish desire to be a mother, women who were not chosen to be a mother, women who can destroy another woman to gain her child for themselves, disgust me.  These are the people who have warped the humanity that should be what adoption is all about.

          There will always be those who, for whatever reason, do not have the ability to care for their children but they should NEVER be wiped from the lives of their children.
          The truth is always better than a lie and if adoptive parents realy care for the children they will be truthful and know their love will keep them in the childs heart.     

      • Anonymous, MD says:

        Yeah, no chance Jolie is concerned that his biological mother has any interest in milking Pax for money I’m sure. What are you a doctor of? Teenage drama?

    • Adoption does not sever a bond. That bond is there whether the legal system likes it or not. As an attorney you should have an inkling of compassion for indigent… oh wait. I forgot. Attorneys and compassion are mutually exclusive. 

      • Jancuisine says:

         Exactly, Spring.  One cannot severe the bond between mother and child.  If it could, then women would just be incubators and surrogacy would be the norm.

    • Alexis says:

      It does not necessarily sever the bond because there are things such as open adoptions, where the birth parents are still in the child’s life. There is nothing wrong with Pax seeing his biological mother. Angelina is just afraid she will lose him.

      • JJ says:

        If you had ever been through an adoption, you would understand her fear.  We live in constant fear of losing our baby girl that we have devoted 9 years, hundreds of dr appts, countless ballgames, practices and recitals (not to mention the $10,000 it took just to get her).  Although it isn’t really possible for anyone to take her away from us, you still always know in the back of your mind that there is someone out there who may wake up out of thier druken stupor and think “Oh, I think I’ll go find my child that I left on a doorstep and take her back.”  That “mom” has no rights, she gave up her rights the day she chose drugs over her own flesh.  Sometimes, you forfeit your “God-given rights”. 

        • Jancuisine says:

           You are so wrong, JJ.  If you love your child, you will love the family they come from.  It is your attitude that messes up adoptees so you need to change it.  You are hurting your children and they won’t continue a relationship with you after they are 18.  Mark my words. 
          They are well aware that they come from two families  – to deny this is to deny them a part of themselves and that is incredibly harmful to them.

      • deedee says:

        You’re dumb! A child doesn’t need that drama. You are in or out.

    • Jancuisine says:

      You have no experience as an adoptee so stop being irresponsible and pretending like an expert when you don’t know what we go through.  In fact, your comment shows you are completely clueless and, thus, harmful to our health.
      As an adoptee, as an adoptee who is part of a large group of adoptees who meets regularly and as an adoptee who has met my biological family – thus, a REAL EXPERT, I can state that it is a fact that the bond between a mother and child is never severed no matter how far you take us or how much of our culture you change.
      This article is not irresponsible.  It is merely highlighting the fact that when you go to a country where there are shady adoptions and the occupants of the orphanage still have birth families in the area (much like Haiti), is there a right of the adoptee to know our biological families.  Of course Pax wants to know where he comes from when he has been dropped into a strange and foreign world.  This is normal human development and for you to say otherwise is completely ignorant and irresponsible.

      • deedee says:

        You need to go on with your life. Stop being over dramatic. If child isn’t wanted, it sucks but hey worse things could happen. I can’t stand whiney people who over dramatize life. You are the only person that stands in your way of happiness. Move on!

    • Linas says:

      you dont know the terms of adoption , angelina jolie was a rich drug addict so what is your point?

      • Le says:

         Yeah! you are so right

        • yaya says:

           wrong… think if it was your child and you made a mistake… you wanted to get your life together for your child and now that you do you want your child back that bond between a mother and child is priceless im sure she missed her child and thought about him everyday angelina may have some sort of right but its not right

          • Leenparissol says:

            Whatever every mistake has a consequence. So now she has too deal with the choices she’s made. And wait till Pax is old enough to decide if he wants to meet with her.

      • dontgiveaf*** says:

        I am sure you don’t know Angelina personally so to call someone a rich drug addict is juvenile. She has spent more time with Pax then the biological mother who left the child when he was a newborn to live in an orphanage for 3 years. Do you really think the biological mother would give two craps if she didn’t see a pile of gold and fame at the end of all this?

        • JudyJetson says:

          S no one can make assumptions about Angelina but you can make assumptions about the biological mother? Okay. Sounds like you are another fame worshipping sycophant projecting your own warped mentality onto this biological mother.

    • You sir have no idea of the bond between a mother and the child she bore and gave birth to.  Nurture does no overcome or negate nature as seen in the recently tabled senate inquiry into forced adoption in australia.  Before you make such radical statements perhaps you should know what you are talking about, your ‘opinion’ is misguided and has no scientific or historical truth to it. 

      The fact your a lawyer says it all, much $$ in the adoption ‘business’ lately?? Maggot!

      • karen M says:

        I  know about the bond with a biological mother and her child as i have 3 children of my own but my children are with me.but however that bond between biological mother and child is never broken regardless of wether children are adoped or not.Pax has a right to know his roots and were he came from and if Jolie stops contact between them both its posible when older he could resent Jolie for stoping contact children have rights too and unfortunately what the law says is not always right or for the best

    • JudyJetson says:

      Sanctimonious American imperialist. Sounds like her child was bought from under her while he was hospitalized. The article does not confirm that the child was voluntarily given up but what do you care? Your pompous butt just wants all criticism of American atrocities taken off the internet.

  6. Goodwill says:

    Looks like these kids just came from the salvation army and a good bath would certainly help.

    • Rose says:

      You must not have kids. 

    • Elizabeth says:

       “Normal” kids will not always pick the “nice” clothes that you buy for them.  They want the shirts that have their cartoon heroes on them and stuff like that.  They get messy because they are out having fun.  When my nephew was five, his favorite after school activity was to go to the park and bury himself in sand up to his waist.  I always said “fine, but those clothes go in the laundry when you get home”.  Being a kid is dirty work!

  7. VoodooCHicken says:

    How did I wind up on this site???

  8. Deborah Madden says:

    The biological mother has no say so! She gave him up, it is too late. He is adopted with a family that he has gotten used to. That would be cruel to even think the biological mother could take him back!! It is ridiculous. 

    • She’s not asking to take him back, just to see him. Why is Angelina so insecure about that?

      • Leenparissol says:

        Dung wants to see him. Well their is pictures, web chat and other way to see him. If they meet believe it or not it will affect him. And it might affect him in a wrong way.

  9. PantheraNoir says:

    I can’t believe someone would write an article this. I’m adopted and I would understand if my parents denied my biological parents access to me if they were drug addicts. Besides, he’s too young to see his mom now. Unless he grew up with her there as a constant support system (while Brad and Ang were still his parents) it would just confuse him. He can make his own decisions when he gets older. For now, Mama Ang knows best. Jody Overland, if you’re a “Dr” (in whatever feild that may be) shouldn’t you know something about how the adoption system works before writing an article like this? You shouldn’t write high school gossip on celebs for attention.

  10. Fleur says:

    She adopted him legally, so she is his mother. What she does is up to her! It’s maybe not responsible to prevent ANY contact, but considering her celebrity status and everything else, I can see why she’d be worried about losing her kid. 

  11. Sasha says:

    I am confused I thought adoption truly meant the adopted parent becomes the legal guardian so who cares what the mom wants…the mom truly should of been more aware of her behavior that forced her to give up the child in the first place…so   I am with Angolie on this one……HOWEVER if angolie wants to meet the mother first and then allow her to slowly come into his life then that is also  her right but it is up to angolie to protect that child from anyone who may want to take advantage ….I also believe this child sound be exposed to as much of his culture as possible 

    • Donna says:

      His “culture” is wherever he is a citizen and whatever his mother who is supporting him and nurturing him is.

      • JudyJetson says:

        Given that remark you obviously grew up in your own indigenous culture and don’ have a clue what it is to be a foreigner, thus you are just taking out of your butt and your opinions are ill informed and have little value.

  12. Cathyford22 says:

    This is crazy.  Where was the mom for the three years that Pax was in the orphanage?  Angelina is now Pax’s mom and has the final say over what access she does or doesn’t allow her son to have with anyone.
    When you abandon your child(ren), there are risks involved.  Besides, this is a personal matter and shouldn’t be played out in public. 
    On another note, why does Angelina and Brad’s kids look so raggedity an unkept.  Angelina, you are wrong for that!!!
    And I wanna do that little girl’s hair, everytime I see a picture of her.  What’s her name?  Zaharra? 

  13. Stella Maris says:

    Ask yourself what kind of parent is Angelina after all?  She was drug addict and maybe she still is.

  14. Stella Maris says:

    Ask yourself what kind of parent is Angelina after all?  She was drug addict and maybe she still is.

  15. Nivia says:

    So basically he was adopted when he was 3yrs and five yrs have passed since then, so you’re telling me it took her 8 yrs to sober up….BS!! I just wonder if an ordinary person had adopted her son would she have wanted to meet him so bad as she claims now or just wouldn’t have bothered? I’m sorry but i feel some interest in $$ in all this and it’s sad because she is gonna mess with the only stability that child has known! If she really loves her son, she should just let him be and wait for him to be older and if he wanted to meet her then it should be his choice not his Biological Mother or Angelina!!

  16. Diamondme4s says:

    Pax biological mom should have taken care of herself when she found out she was pregnant! Instead, she lost her child because of her own doing. I do not sympathize with her. If she didn’t care about her son then, why now? In my opinion, go away! he’s doing just fine without her. Sorry if the truth hurts. Mothers and mother’s to be, take care of your unborn child now! if you don’t and you instead choose drugs and/or alcohol, then don’t come years later trying to regain what YOU chose to lose.

  17. Shartmaniam says:

    I adopted a child from the states as a baby.  I had no problem with her meeting and having a relationaship with her natural mother when she reached adulthood.  She a child in her forulative years I only think things would get confusing.  

  18. Acegikmo says:

    Maybe he’s acting out because he’s afraid she will drag him back to Vietnam (his bio mother), and destroy his current lifestyle, while incorporating him into her drunken, impoverished life.  That would anger the hell outta me.  Maybe her just shoving his adoption, and abnormal life in his face, is causing him to act out.  Maybe she should leave him alone, if she really loved him, and realize he has a lifestyle that most humans would envy……..maybe she thinks he’ll bring some of Brangelina’s money with him.  After all, she ditched the kid at birth, and for good reasons.  He likely doesn’t need a constant reminder of what he came from.

  19. VLH says:

    This is an incredibly ridiculous story. First of all, Angelina Jolie adopted Pax legally so she IS his mother. She can choose who does or does not come into his life, and if she has decided she doesn’t want to let his BIRTH mother meet him yet she obviously has a good reason for it. Secondly, IF this story isn’t even true how do you think Pax will feel when he gets older and uses the internet and comes across story’s like this, affecting his relationship with his mother that has raised him since age 3. If his birth mother was actually serious about raising her son and wanting to be in his life as his mother, then she should have laid off the drugs sooner. If she left him at the hospital soon after he was born, then she had THREE years to straighten her life out and take her son back before he was adopted. FIVE years after he was adopted, so EIGHT years after she left him in a hospital to fend for himself, she has now decided to clean her life up and try to get her son back into her life? I DON’T THINK SO! As a mother of two beautiful daughters, I couldn’t imagine ANYTHING being more important to me then my children. They are my own flesh and blood, and no one or thing could even mean more to me then they do, I would NEVER leave my children with people I don’t know just to get my next fix. She should have thought about her son being in her life before dropping him off to go drink or do more drugs!

  20. Justreadingfromhere says:

    What a rediculous thing to say that she should take him back and reunite them…
    As an adopted child whose birth mother lost ME due to drug use, and then “sobered up” and wanted to be in my life…
    I wish it had never been allowed….

  21. Stephanie says:

    now his bio mom wants him back? he’s 8!!! that woman is not his mother. it takes more than blood to make ppl family! brad and angie have raised and nurtured him. they are his family. that lady lost all her rights to him long ago!

  22. ElliBelli88 says:

    Being a mother who placed their child up for adoption I do not believe that because I was 17 then that Now I am older and have the support and life I should have only a few years ago that I can just be like okay I am NOW ready to be the mother to this child I should have been… The bond, it doesn’t exist but a mother will always love her child… I think Angie should never deny his culture, where he comes from and who he is but, allowing them to meet now is not a wise idea!!!! Mentally a child should not have to endure those emotions yet… Allow him to grow up just a little long like 15-18 and then allow them to write one another… Once he is AN ADULT he is free to reunite with her all he pleases… DON’T JUDGE HER CAUSE SHE IS FAMOUS REALISTICALLY MOST ADOPTIVE PARENTS WITH CLOSED SOME EVEN START WITH AN OPEN ADOPTION END WITH NOT ALLOWING THE BIOLOGICAL FAMILY HAVE ANY CONTACT AT ALL!!! get real!!!

  23. Razrblazr says:

    ….this is news? She has every right not to allow a one time addict mother back into HER child’s life.
    The birth mother made her own decisions. There are laws in place that allow adoptive parents to deny contact with birth parents (i doubt a celeb family signs up for open adoptions). If Pax wants to meet his birth mother when he turns 18…then he can do that.

    Never mind the birth mother’s past digression, but he is a celeb child…that complicates things as well. Brad and Angelina would be opening the door to possible extortion…kidnapping…who knows what else.

    This article makes Angelina out to be some villain, working the system with evil money, when all logic and common sense says otherwise. 

  24. Debbie says:

    I pray for Angelina and her family as they try to sort all of this out. This is a harsh world in which we live in lately and the more people you have to support and love you the better. Pax will always be in Angelina’s heart. No one can take that away. She
    should do what her son asks about meeting his biological mother. He will only resent her otherwise. I applaud her for
    taking him home to connect with his culture and maybe they
    can go on more trips (which include Pax seeing his mother) and make everyone happy. Seems like a  fix to the situation. Everyone deserves a second chance.

  25. Guest says:

    Jut because a gossip magazine is reporting this, doesn’t mean it’s true. 

  26. Hello says:

    Do any of you guys know anything about adoption law in Vietnam?  It’s different than here.

    As for bashing his mom because she is a former drug addict, so is Angelina…

  27. Rbdezire55 says:

    Bull, angelina is during the right thing, she choose drugs over him, as a newborn when e needed his mother, who’s to say she won’t do it again, then where will he be? I know I’m wearing angelina shoes, and I’m not rich. I be damn if I let my daughter have anything to do with her mother, Angelina is his mother legally adopted.

    • suzanne says:

      Angelina does some pretty strange things herself but her money makes authorities look the other way. There has been countless stories (while she has Paz) attesting to her anorexia, adultry, lesbianism, drugs, cutting, etc. Was the adoption even legal? He has every right to visit hi birth mother.

      • Carolinezmasen says:

        Speaking from a legal point of view, no, Pax has no right to see his “mother” until he turns 18 and can decide on his own what he wants to do. Seeing as it was a closed, legal adoption Angelina is his mother in the eyes of the law (not to speak of the fact that she raised him for the last 5 years), thus the only one who can decide whom Pax can meet and whom not. If she wants to and she thinks it’s what’s best for him, she can allow him to meet his birth mother, however it is completely up to her personal judgement. If she sees fit she can prohibit him from seeing her until he is of legal age. Don’t go around throwing words like “has every right” when refering to 8-year-olds in topics that are of a strictly legal nature as if you know what you are talking about, because you clearly have no idea. I wrote my disseration on this topic, so trust me, when I say that I know what rights each one of the participants has regarding adoptions in third world countries. Society’s and Angelina’s good faith and morals are the only things which could be in favor of Pax’s birth mother, but seeing as she gave him up and signed the adoption papers, in combination with her history of drug addiction, even those two lose any meaning when coming to her. The birthmother herself has no rights whatsoever regarding Pax. In itself, she shouldn’t even have been able to find out who adopted him, not to speak of getting in contact with Pax’s new parents.

  28. Lindat says:

    Excuse me, but you have no idea what kid of adoption this was.  If the mother turn her child to another care holder while she was getting treatment, she did the right thing, She may have not abandondon her child , and expect some rich white woman (i am white) would swoop him up and change his whole culture move him from the country. PLUS Angelina jolie was a drug addicted as well! People stick up for angelina jolie because she is beautiful, lets face it shes not a good actress… and is doing a great PR Job (not), trying to recover from the stupid past she flaunted everywhere.

  29. Just4Things says:

    “[Is she able to provide more than what Angelina and Brad can offer to Pax] ? Besides lots of money and jetsetting all over the world and people magazine articles on “Angelina being mad because of Brad flirting with other women” what have they really offered to Pax? The child is obviously unhappy about something. If Brad Pitt and Angelina reduce his problem to “pain and a sense of abdandonment during his formative years”, that’s just a copout! Has anybody thought about how difficult it must be to be 1) the child of celebrities who are constantly on the cover of trash magazines 2) to have so many siblings who are  in need of a lot of attention and most likely not get much one on one attention? 3) to be the object of so much public attention all the time? 4) to be allowed to do whatever he wants to do?
    I have a five-year adopted child whom I adopted when she was two-months old. Her birth mother could not take care of her because of hardship. It was a closed adoption, but you know what, I keep in touch with the birth mother through family and friends and I have pictures of her birth mother and siblings because I don’t think I have the right to deny her her birth family. I don’t think my daugher is ready yet to meet her birth family, but If and when and she wants to meet them, then she will and I will just have to see.

  30. Ilana Stankler says:

    I can understand Angelina Jolie being reluctant to allow Pax to see his biological mother and family, but this all stems from her own insecurities of herself. Surely it depends on what the natural mother is asking for. If she’s asking to be part of her son’s life, whilst allowing Angelina to continue to raise her son, I cannot see the harm. Other families manage. If her sole intention is to take her son back then Angelina has every right to be concerned. This adoption is no different to other adoptions. Sooner or later Angelina may be faced with Pax wanting to know his own biological mother and family. Would Angelina then stop him from looking into his birth mother and family then? In my view it would be his right, and wrong for her to stop him. Perhaps more clarification is needed on what Pax’s mother and family want.  

  31. Ash says:

    Take that kid back to his mom if he wants her

  32. Smilegirl45 says:

    I don’t beieve that the biological mother ever signed off on her son’s adoption, doesn’t matter how rich the family,they can’t replace the love of a mother, addiction is an illness that it looks like Pax mother over came to be with her child agian. She should have the right to see her son and vice-versa.

  33. Jen Winter says:

    Angelina is a selfish home wrecker in more ways than one obviously!

  34. Cape Town Girl says:

    I think the last question which the author put forward is critical – how ethical is it to remove children from impoverished countries and force assimilation in a completely different context. Why not build a school, start a fund? Why not adopt a child from your own country.

    I know that it is intended as an act of kindness, but in my opinion it is a misguided and shallow attempt.

  35. Crollins says:

    I’m not her biggest fan by my goodness she adopted this boy! That means the biological parent relinquished her right period!
    In the article it refered to as “buying children”. Since when do we refer adoption as buying children but it certainly was never ever considered borrowing a child till the biological changes their mind…ridiculous! I would think her attempt to get him back is doing more harm than if she stayed away.

  36. Leenparissol says:

    Im totally with the Jolie-Pitts. Pax’s mother should back off now, she made arrangements to give up her son up for adoption, let me guess she is clean from drugs and now she sees an opportunity to possible way to get money by bringing fear to the JoliePitts family. Fungi should be greatfull and thankful that Angelina took over and has taken care of her son Pax. I say that the JoliePitts should keep Pax away from Dung, yet not hide the truth from him and allow him to make the decision when he is consider an adult.

  37. Linda Smith says:

    She is just another selfish AP with money. Adoption is nothing more than a money making wheel where children are stolen from their mother and cause harm to the child. When  he grows up and finds out the truth, the lies, and goes after his real mom, what then.  A child comes from one mother, his or her mother. Adoption is nothing by ownership of property which in this case is an innocent child. She will pay for this in the long run, as many AP’s are.  They cannot stop these kids from meeting and being with their real parents forever and thank God for that.

  38. Jenette Yamamoto says:

    Basically it is human trafficking for adoption.  Agencies make multi-billion dollars from selling children from ‘poor’ countries to ‘rich’ countries.  People pay money for children = Human trafficking.  Very simple math.  International Adoption is a business, children are the products.  If you want to learn about adoption just follow the money.  You would not want your child taken away from you even if they went to a ‘rich’ couple or good home. What needs to happen now in modern times is family preservation.  Otherwise big so called ‘non-profit’ CEOs make millions while mothers lose out.  Governments like Korea (who sent over 200,000 Korean children to America and Europe) save billions of dollars in social welfare by selling single mother’s children to ‘richer’ people and like I said, agencies make the millions.  Governments save $$$, agencies make $$$.  Mothers and children are separated, all because a piece of paper says the natural mother is not the mother.  It’s sick.

  39. Mezzie says:

     I’ve heard that line so many times. Don’t worry, it’s a passing phase, eventually you’ll want to know where you came from.

  40. Reality Bites says:

    Pax was left at the orphanage as an newborn. He was named by the orphanage  He was never visited by any family members there for three years. Should every child left for dead by a heroin addict be allowed contact with children they left for dead for five years the second they clean up their act? Please give me a break. 

  41. OMG. I was given the link to this article on an adoptees’ only forum. That would mean it is BY adoptees …. FOR adoptees. If you are not adopted, close your mouth. What they are doing is disgraceful, but fairly typical of adoptive parents. As for the moron who says that Pax’s mother is “not his mother”, I am guessing that she is an adoptive parent. Or perhaps just a loud-mouthed fool. People like the lovely Brangelina have helped the cause of adoption truth back about 100 years. Being adopted is not what the glossy mags make it out to be. Go on FB and hook into adoptee sites. Do some research. Use your brain. Being adopted is a lifetime sentence of not belonging …… no matter how cashed up your adopter is. Please use this opportunity to find out the truth for yourselves and see why many millions of adopted adults, like myself, use pictures of this woman to paper train our puppies.

  42. deedee says:

    That’s smart :) u don’t need a flighty woman with drama in your life. Hallmark movies are not real

  43. JudyJetson says:

    Of course it can be seen as an act of arrogant imperialism. That is all it is. There are plenty of white children in the US to adopt but these pretentious celebrities and people who emulate them specifically want foreign children to collect as trophies. It gives these perverts a sense of righteousness that they would bring these foreign children into their lives and homes. They use these children to appease their own narcissism and nothing more. What gives these people the right to throw their American money around, buying peoples children? They need to be stopped. They aren’t helping anyone but themselves, never mind that they are knowingly acting as tools for the architects of western imperialism

  44. billy says:

    if i was pax i obviously wouldnt want to go back to my birth mom…he is RICH RICH RICH now with his new parents. lol

  45. elaine9245 says:

    Pax Has A Now Mother Who Took Him Out Of A Orphanage When He Was 3 Yrs Old And Is Raising Him As Her Own. His Then Mother Lost That Chance When She Chose Alcohol And Non Sobriety Over Her Flesh And Blood baby. That’s A Long Time For A Child To Understand Mommy Is Not Here And Blame Themselves For Something They Didn’t Do. She May Be Better But This Is Something She Has To Accept. Maybe When He Is Older (18+) It Will Be Better To Reconnect. I Don’t Think It Has Anything To Do With Knowing His Culture, Seems Selfish To Me.