Angelina Jolie Raising A Big Stink

Angelina Jolie Raising A Big Stink

Is raising so many children taking its toll on Angelina Jolie?  Is the stress forcing her into a depression that is making her not care about her hygiene?  Star is alleging that the future Mrs. Pitt is skipping on bath time.  “Though she looks like a goddess, Angie is a little too earthy when it comes to hygiene.”

Though a so called source claims to have first hand knowledge of her skipping baths for up to a week, not brushing her teeth until bedtime and wearing her clothes for two weeks straight, I’m going to go ahead and call B.S. on this story. So you are one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood.  You’re banging (yes, I said banging) and engaged to one of the hottest actors in Hollywood, Brad Pitt.  You have a ton of kiddos including a couple of mini-hybrid Jolie-Pitts.  You are rich as hell and just decide you are not going to take a shower, change your clothes or brush your teeth?  I’m not buying it.

Star you are reaching for a lifeline that doesn’t exist.  Now if this recent information turns out to be true will she lose her legions of fans? Ha!  I sincerely doubt it.  I could care less if she didn’t bathe for a month and a hideous rash appeared across her face.  I could care less if she didn’t brush her teeth for a month, they all fell out and she had to get dentures.  Angelina Jolie is a bad bitch!  She is an amazing actress and her humanitarian efforts make her an amazing human being.

Dear Ang, you are on every guy’s top 5 list of women they wish they could have.  We all know you’re rich, and as I mentioned before you get to be mounted by the god that is Brad Pitt.  If not bathing, smoking, and not brushing your teeth gets the life you have then I am boarding my bathroom up right now.

What say you CDL readers?  Is this funky starlet letting her natural scent flow or is Star out of stories to run and looking to raise some eyebrows?

[Star Magazine print editon, November 5]

Angelina Jolie Raising A Big Stink

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